The year 2 ancillary options are listed below:

Ancillary Course Summaries

Medicinal Chemistry 2

This course is compulsory for students registered on the F124 and F125 degree programmes. Medicinal Chemistry 1 is a pre-requisite for taking this module.

This module builds on the introduction to drug properties, pharmacokinetics, and important biomolecules in Medicinal Chemistry 1. It describes the key considerations in the drug discovery process, and the strategies and tools for developing, designing and optimising drugs. New targeting approaches, including antibody based therapeutics are introduced along with screening techniques, using interdisciplinary knowledge from biochemistry, physical and analytical chemistry. Problem solving throughout the discovery process is considered including for pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism. Screening techniques are introduced, using interdisciplinary knowledge from biochemistry, physical and analytical chemistry.

The Module comprises a series of lecture courses given by staff from the Chemistry Department and Faculty of Medicine.

Module Coordinator: Dr Charlotte Sutherell

Medicinal Chemistry coordinators: Dr Simon Gerrard and Dr Charlotte Sutherell

Maths and Physics for Chemists Part 2 (MPC2)

This course is compulsory for F1F3 and F1FH students. The first-year Maths & Physics for Chemists Part 1 ancillary course is a prerequisite.

The course comprises a series of lectures and workshops given by staff from the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics covering the following topics:

    1. Mathematics (AUTUMN TERM): Vector Calculus; Fourier methods; Numerical methods of


    2. Physics (SPRING TERM): Electromagnetism.

Chemistry course coordinator: João Pedro Malhado (

Business and management courses for engineers and scientists (BPES)

These courses are NOT available to F1N2, F1NF and FN11 students.

The Business and management courses for engineers and scientists (BPES) programme provides engineering and science students at Imperial College the opportunity to study business and management. Many of the courses on offer have been jointly developed with engineering departments to enhance specific programmes of study. More details can be obtained from the Business School's website.

Students registering for a BPES option must do so directly via the Business School.


Imperial Horizons

The Imperial Horizons programme offers a wide range of courses for all Imperial College undergraduates. It is designed to broaden your education, inspire your creativity and enhance your professional impact. Over 80 different course options are available from three fields of study, to be taken in any year of undergraduate study.

Key benefits of Imperial Horizons include wide opportunities to develop your skills in communication, problem-solving and teamwork. Your course options are included on your degree transcript as a valuable selling point for employers.

Year 2 students may choose to take a language or a module from Humanities and Social Sciences, or Change Makers, available via the Horizons programme as an ancillary.

Modules span either one or two terms, and may be taken for credit (as an ancillary), or for extra credit (in addition to either Medicinal Chemistry 2 or Maths and Physics for Chemists 2).

Please see the list available here: