Personal Tutorials

Personal Tutor sessions are scheduled from the start of the 1st year (during week 1) and at regular points during the first 3 years. These provide an opportunity for students to discuss their developing interests, module options, examination performance and placement opportunities. The personal tutor also plays a pastoral role, providing support if you are facing challenges in your studies. They can help you address time-management, revision skills or other issues you may have too.

Students will often be proactive in seeking support, and we encourage students to ask questions of their lecturers and tutors. They may contact their personal tutor, a year tutor, our Student Experience Officer or the Senior Tutor or the DUGS or via the Academic Administrator. Feedback on academic and student support and welfare is gathered by student year reps and is discussed at the Student Staff Committee and Welfare Student Staff Committee meetings.

Academic Tutorials

The Department is committed to the maintenance of small group Academic Tutorials. This is different to the practice in many Chemistry departments. Students are allocated into groups of around 6 to 8 and are assigned three tutors, one of whom may also be their Personal Tutor (personal tutors fulfil a pastoral role).

Three academic tutorials are held every 2 weeks, each aligned with one of the main branches of chemistry: Inorganic, Organic and Physical, supporting our interdisciplinary modules. These are provided for the first two years of study, providing a continuity of learning and ensuring integration of material. In tutorials, students can deepen their understanding of subject matter delivered in the lectures and practice applying their knowledge and problem-solving. They also provide an opportunity to cover difficult concepts from more than one perspective, fitting best with the individual needs of the students. The tutorial offers a regular student feedback mechanism and a supportive group of peers to work with.