About the Student Services Centre

The Student Services Centre was opened in April 2013 and is situated on Level 2 of the Chemistry Department. The glass-fronted area is decorated with some transparencies depicting important molecules first synthesised within the Department. Alongside the help you can expect to receive from the staff of the Centre we also have some modelling kits available for short term loan.

Who will you find at the Student Services Centre?

The Student Services Centre is a one-stop shop for all queries about undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Centre is open Monday – Friday 9am until 5pm. Below you can find a little about the team in the Student Services Centre and how they can help you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Bridgette Duncombe

Bridge DuncombeDirector of Undergraduate Studies

My name is Dr. Bridgette Duncombe (but everyone calls me Bridge) and I am the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS). This is a job that encompasses both the operational and also the strategic management of the Department’s undergraduate programmes, so it is a big job that involves me working with a lot of people from academics, technicians, alumni, employers and current students to make sure our courses are the best preparation for your future employment.

Amelia Barron

Photo of Student Experience OfficerStudent Experience Officer

As the Student Experience Officer I am here to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your course and receive support if required. I am responsible for the development and delivery of all aspects of the pastoral structure and care given to our undergraduate students in the department. I act as a point of primary pastoral care for students and can give you advice on how to access support if required. I also oversee the academic support structure for our undergraduates and work closely with the DUGS to aid with strategic planning for teaching. I am available at any point for a chat or to help with any worries you may have regarding your wellbeing or for academic issues. My door is always open so please do come and introduce yourself.

Dr Laura Patel

Senior Teaching Fellow Laura Patel

As a Teaching Fellow, I develop novel teaching materials and methods, and implement these across a wide range of courses to enhance the Department’s teaching provision. I teach theory and practical technique to undergraduate Chemistry students through lectures, tutorials and laboratory courses, and also supervise undergraduate students carrying out research projects in chemical education.

As Exams Officer, I work closely Raj Sandhu, Admissions and Exams Administrator, to communicate information about exams and other assessment procedures to all students, to ensure examinations and marking processes run smoothly, and to return results to students. I manage exam-related student difficulties or unusual circumstances, and collate final sets of marks for departmental and external review. I also coordinate review of cohort exam performances, exam board decisions and development of exams and assessment processes. If you have a query or problem relating to taking your exams or to your results, please feel free to come and see me.


Dr Emma Dell

Senior Teaching Fellow

I am a teaching fellow in the Physical Chemistry section. I deliver lectures and tutorials to undergraduate Chemistry students as well as coordinating lab courses.


Dr Simon Gerrard

Senior Teaching Fellow and UG Admissions Tutor

SimonGeI am a teaching fellow in the organic teaching section, with a particular passion for bioorganic and medicinal chemistry. I really like the drug development process, and application of chemistry to understand what happens in biological systems. My role encompasses a range of teaching activities, including lecturing, personal tutoring, workshops/problem classes, tutorials and synthesis laboratory demonstration and assessment. I try to enhance my teaching and student learning experience with a variety of different techniques, activities and support, to engage with different students’ styles of learning and educational background. 

I am also the UG Admissions Tutor, responsible for student recruitment in the department. I work with Raj Sandhu, Admissions and Exams Administrator, to organise and run student recruitment events and manage the UCAS admissions cycle. This involves attracting students to apply, making decisions on applications, answering questions from prospective students and ensuring they all have the information they need at each step.

Dr João Pedro Malhado

Teaching Fellow in Physical and Computational Chemistry

As a teaching fellow, my duties are to teach physical chemistry across the undergraduate programs offered by the department. More specifically, I am also responsible for the development of teaching material in scientific computing, computational chemistry and computer programming.

Working in close contact with Prof. John Seddon and Bridge, I am also involved in the development and improvement of the curriculum of the Chemistry with Molecular Physics degree.

Doris Pappoe

Postgraduate Administrator Doris Pappoe

I am the first point of contact for prospective postgraduate students, dealing with their enquiries, providing information and advice. I also organise all aspects of postgraduate recruitment, including PG Opportunities Open Day. I support postgraduate students by providing induction, information, guidance and advice throughout their training to ensure they are up-to-date with Departmental and College procedures and policies. I resolve students’ problems and issues, advise them or refer them to the PG tutor or the Director of PG Studies as required. Furthermore, I support the Director of PG Studies, Dr Tim Albrecht in the execution of his duties and responsibilities in order for the Department to provide first class research training, maintain its good completion rates and its outstanding reputation for research. I also support the PG Tutor, Professor Sophia Yaliraki in her endeavour to create a good environment that will improve the overall research experience for postgraduate students.

Raj Sandhu

Admissions and Exams Administrator Raj Sandhu

I am responsible for ensuring the efficient administration of all aspects of UG Admissions and UG examinations within the Chemistry Department. I assist the admissions tutor in all aspects of the admissions cycle from receipt of applications through to acceptance of first year students. Additionally, I also work with the exams officer and I am responsible for ensuring the efficient administration, coordination and running of examinations.

Holly Brinkworth

Photo of Undergraduate AdministratorUndergraduate Administrator

As Undergraduate Administrator I am the first point of contact for undergraduate students, dealing with their enquiries and providing information and advice. I support the Director of UG Studies in order for the Chemistry Department to provide both first class teaching and full support for our students. In particular, I have worked closely with the academic team to produce the undergraduate teaching timetable and work to continually improve and support this process.