Julien DroinMy name is Julien, I’m from Paris, France. I have a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from ESTP Paris and recently got my MSc in Transport and Business Management from Imperial College and UCL. I love singing and playing music, going to the gym and hanging out with friends, this MSc allowed me to do this and so much more in London!

Why did you choose to do your MSc with us?

I decided to apply for this MSc after talking with alumni students. I knew Imperial College and UCL from international rankings, but I wanted to know more about career perspectives, the core of the program and the balance between studies and student life and this MSc got the upper hand.

What are you hoping to do after your studies?

The people I met this year were amazing! Getting to know as many people as I could was among the best experience I could get. But the most important was probably my dissertation project. I was under the supervision of exceptional people and had the chance to study Machine Learning applications to transport studies (this topic probably got me my new job by the way). 

What have the highlights been so far? 

Definitely the people! I’ve made lifelong friends at Imperial. People that I have so much in common with from all around the world. I also loved working on my dissertation project with my supervisor, who is an expert in my field of interest, which is shared space designs for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. 

What does a typical week look like for you?

I wouldn’t say that there was a typical week. There weren’t so many hours in class (around 15 per week) but we needed all the time we could get for group projects which are a major component of this program. One of the best features of Imperial college was the sport facilities at Ethos where could spend hours whenever we wanted, and the Union Bar where we could end up at the end of the day to meet up with other students. 

What advice would you give to someone considering doing an MSc with us? 

Please reach out to former students to make sure that you considered all the implications of this program and the life in London. Once you’re in, work hard, play hard, get to know as many people as you can and build lasting relationships. This program is a wonderful opportunity, make the most out of it!