Yufei WangMy name is Yufei and I am an overseas student from China. I completed my undergraduate studies in Harbour, Waterway and Coastal Engineering at Hohai University, and then joined the MSc course in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments. I also used to be an intern at a harbour construction company. I enjoy reading books, visiting museums and travelling.

Why did you choose to do your MSc with us?

The main reason is that Imperial College London has a great reputation in academic staff, researching atmosphere and equipment, and the Fluid Mechanics cluster in the Civil Engineering department is one of the best in the World. For any student who aims to receive a comprehensive education, Imperial is the most favourable choice. London is a fabulous city, it gives people plenty of choices to enrich their lives.

What are you hoping to do after your studies?

To become a professional engineer in Offshore Engineering.

What have the highlights been so far? 

Definitely, the learning experience is the highlight. Although, sometimes the course we study is quite hard, somehow the academic staff always make it interesting. They also tend to encourage students to think independently and to question what we have understood. 

What does a typical week look like for you?

A typical week will always have three hours class each day, after the lecture, there are some coursework and tutorials to complete. There are extra tutorials to help with the problems either in the coursework or the lectures. If I manage my time properly, I can have the whole weekend for my self.

What advice would you give to someone considering doing an MSc with us? 

My advice will be: always be prepared and always make plans. Doing an MSc here may be challenging, but you will never regret this decision!