Yichong ChenHi! I am Yichong and come from China. I am an MSc student in Engineering Fluid Mechanics cluster at Imperial College London. I also hold a Mechanical Engineering (BEng) degree from the University of Edinburgh. I enjoy travelling and sports, and going to the gym in my spare time.

Why did you decide to do an MSc with us?
I had a very basic knowledge of fluid mechanics through my undergraduate courses. Even for some simple properties of fluids, I find they are fascinating and thrilling! The enthusiasm for fluids, thus has pushed me to achieve a better understanding of the field. As I had experience studying in the UK, and ICL has an excellent reputation in Engineering, coming to here becomes natural to me.

How have your skills developed, both professional and personal?
The carefully designed and flexibly coupled modules can be widely applied in the industry. I have gained sound engineering judgement and experience of collaborative efforts through those designs and group projects. More importantly, the very detailed theory explanations allow me to fulfil my academic passion to its fullest potential.

What do you enjoy most about studying in the Department?
Working with people from different professional and cultural backgrounds is an enjoyable experience. As we are in a small-sized class, there is a good friendship among my classmates. Moreover, when we have questions, we can always approach lecturers easily and get individual feedback.

What are you hoping to do after your studies?
My vision of working in a research institution has always stemmed from my longstanding interests in fluid mechanics technologies. Following my MSc project, I am motivated to tackle the next step in my academic career. Therefore, I will pursue PhD studies in the field of micro/nano-fluidics in the next few years.

What has been the most challenging part of the programme?
It is hard to find the right balance between working and relaxation amid intense study. Besides the routine lectures, there is a design project/coursework every week; hence it is necessary to manage the time efficiently so that you won’t leave everything on Sunday night.

What advice would you give someone considering doing an MSc with us?
Whether you want to take a professional career path or an academic path in fluid mechanics, I believe this MSc suits you well. However, you should really have a rough plan in your mind. Some modules are designed specifically for the professional path. There are also many industry information sessions and incredible activities in ICL you can get involved in. Some modules are more theoretical and enable you to build a solid foundation for future research. No matter which path you choose, I would strongly suggest taking some time to enjoy London city and make some friends. I believe the most valuable memory after years would be the experience you studied in this city and people you met.