To complete the MSc, all students must undertake all modules listed under their programme title.  

[H2U3] Soil Mechanics
[H2A4] Soil Mechanics & Business Management [suspended for entry in October 2021]
[H2U4] Soil Mechanics & Engineering Seismology
[H2UN] Soil Mechanics & Environmental Geotechnics
[H2EG] Soil Mechanics & Engineering Geology [A basic syllabus is available from the Prospectus]
Autumn Term
 CIVE97078 Analysis and Constitutive Modelling  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97072 Consolidation and Seepage  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97091 Containment Engineering  -  -  -  Core
 CIVE97111 Geotechnical Hazards  -   Core  -   -
 CIVE97079 Laboratory and Field Techniques  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97092 Laboratory Testing and Data Interpretation  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97157 Site Investigation and Engineering Geomorphology  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97073 Strength and Deformation  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97019/20 Microeconomic Theory 
 [AY 2020-2021 only]
 -   -   Core  - 
 CIVE97025/6 Innovation in Civil Engineering 
 [AY 2020-2021 only]
 -   -   Core  - 
Autumn term syllabus
Summary of the table's contents
Spring Term
 CIVE97086 Advanced Constitutive Modelling  Core  -   -   - 
 CIVE97082 Advanced Soil Behaviour  Core  Core  -   - 
 CIVE97089 Contaminated Land and Groundwater  -   -   -   Core
 CIVE97084 Current Developments in Geotechnical Engineering  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97077 Earth Pressures  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97074 Embankments and Earthworks  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97076 Foundations  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97112 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering  -   Core  -   - 
 CIVE97083 Geotechnical Processes  Core  Core  -   Core
 CIVE97085 Partly Saturated Soil Behaviour  Core  -   -   Core
 CIVE97090 Rock Engineering  Core  -   -   - 
 CIVE97075 Stability of Soil Slopes  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97021/2 Project Management 
 [AY 2020-2021 only]
 -   -   Core  - 
 CIVE97023/4 Business Environments and Construction Law
 [AY 2020-2021 only]
 -   -   Core  - 
Spring term syllabus
Summary of the table's contents
Additional Requirements
 CIVE97087 Geotechnics Fieldwork 
 (runs accross the academic year)
 Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE97088 Research Project - Geotechnics  Core  Core  Core  Core
Additional requirements
Summary of the table's contents