Climate Cares works collaboratively to address the global challenges of climate change and mental health.


At COP26, held in Glasgow in 2021, we held one of the first official events on the interplay between climate change and mental health at COP as part of the Resilience Hub. We explored the impact climate change has on our minds and how to use our emoitons, passions and skills to implement meaningful climate action.

Read our COP26: Climate Cares event summary. We have since attended COP27 in 2022, and COP28 in 2023.

In 2023 at COP28, Connecting Climate Minds hosted diverse events showcasing the key emerging mental health impacts of the climate crisis and possible solutions from the global dialogues. On Health Day at COP, Climate Cares' Jessica Newberry Le Vay and Dr Emma Lawrance spoke at the first-ever COP Presidency event on mental health at the Youth Climate Champion Pavilion, sharing insights on the links between mental health and climate change, and emerging findings from the youth dialogues.

For more on our COP28 work, read 'Progress and Shortfalls at COP28', 'Why mental health is front of mind at this year's COP'.


COP² is a global initiative launched to help to convene and coordinate action. It aims to generate tangible policies and actions that will strengthen our ability both to endure and to innovate and adapt to the climate crisis. Climate Cares' Dr Emma Lawrance and Jessica Newberry Le Vay lead the European Hub for COP². 

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Connecting Climate Minds 

Connecting Climate Minds is working to foster connections between people all over the world to come together to understand and respond to the deep interconnections between climate change and mental health. It is a global project funded by Wellcome, and led by Imperial College London's Climate Cares. 

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We have partnered with Apolitical to launch a course for government workers that addresses climate change and mental health. 
Led by faculty from Imperial College London and experts from around the world, this course offers a unique opportunity to develop the necessary skills to tackle these pressing challenges in tandem.  

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Met Office

As part of Mental Health Awareness week in May 2023, we partnered with the Met Office to run a selection of online panel events and seminars aimed at staff from the Met Office and Imperial College London.

Natural History Museum resources for teachers

We collaborated with the Natural History Museum (NHM) to develop a teachers guide and class activities on the links between climate change and mental health which were shared via NHM’s Urban Nature project.