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1999 News Releases

-New world-leading test will help doctors give better targeted treatment for HIV/AIDS patients
Pioneering work into HIV by Imperial College School of Medicine researchers has uncovered a new test which could help people with HIV and AIDS across the world - Press Release - 27 December 1999

-Breakthrough in Fish Disease Mystery
The origin of the mysterious fish disease, PKX, is discovered by IC and Reading researchers, and reported in the journal Parasitology today - Press Release - 1 December 1999

-Lupus: Call for affected families to participate in lupus disease research
IC researchers seek to understand the way lupus is carried by families - Press Release - 12 November 1999

-The Engineer and the Brain - World expert to give interactive lecture in Kuala Lumpur
World expert in neural networks to give interactive lecture in Kuala Lumpur - Press Release - 10 November 1999

-Imperial College to hold Convocation weekend in Kuala Lumpur
Imperial College comes to Malaysia to award degrees to alumni - Press Release - 10 November 1999

-Biodiversity yields dividends, finds pan-European research
IC researchers led one of the world's most extensive ecological studies published in Science today - Press Release - 5 November 1999

-Imperial College contracted to evaluate air quality sensors for UTMC
IC researchers to evaluate the equipment that will provide real-time air quality information for traffic management systems - Press Release - 19 October 1999

-Imperial College appoints new Director of Finance
Imperial College has appointed a new Director of Finance - Press Release - 1 October 1999

-Imperial wins £2 million to establish Science Enterprise centre
The College was announced today as a £2 million winner of one of eight new Science Enterprise Challenge awards from the DTI - Press Release - 14 September 1999

-New course for SME managers offers route to online success
Press Release - 11 August 1999

-The Effect of UV Irradiance Variations on the Earth's Atmosphere and Climate
IC physicists describe how solar-induced changes in the stratosphere can affect a number of meteorological phenomena - Press Release - 21 July 1999

-Carbon dioxide and climate - the plot thickens
An IC researcher reports in Science this week on a new estimate for atmospheric carbon dioxide levels 43 million years ago - Press Release - 8 June 1999

-Launch of handbook for European sex workers - UK press briefing
Journalists are invited to the launch press briefing of a new handbook which promotes health and safety in the sex industry - Press Release - 3 June 1999

-Primary care workers at the west London ‘coal face’ meet to choose their future research directions
Journalists are invited to attend the annual conference of west London's Primary Care Research Network- Press Release - 28 May 1999

-Discovery leads to novel approach for chronic heart failure treatment
Press Release - 28 May 1999

-Press Invitation: Imperial College Environment Office Forum Seminar on Environmental Change
Journalists are invited to attend a seminar on Environmental Change - Press Release - 21 May 1999

-Press Invitation: Imperial College Centre for Electronic Materials and Devices Open Day
Journalists are invited to hear about and view the latest research activities in electronic materials and devices at Imperial - Press Release - 18 April 1999

-Imperial College Honours 1999
Honorary degrees, Associateships, and Fellowships of Imperial College to be awarded this year -Press Release - 12 April 1999

-Cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker delivers a treatise on the expressive power of language
MIT professor talks on 'Words and Rules: the ingredients of language' in the 1999 Cherry lecture - Press Release - 17 March 1999

-Psion and British Aerospace help Imperial College to win University Challenge Award
IC to receive £3 million from the DTI's University Challenge Fund to ‘add value’ to technologies with commercial potential arising from research - Press Release - 10 March 1999

-Imperial College Hosts International Conference on Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Delegates from all round the world will develop a common framework for sustainability reporting by companies - Press Release - 4 March 1999

-Major push towards solving Europe's housing needs
Bringing manufacturing industry approaches to home building - Press Release - 4 February 1999

-ICSM and the NHS collaborate in Library Service Agreement
Launch of an agreement between the School of Medicine and its associated NHS Trusts and Consortia to share library and information services -Press Release - 15 January 1999