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2001 News Releases

-Top award for Wye students
Students from Imperial College at Wye are celebrating their win in the RASE Food Marketing Challenge - Press Release - 20 December 2001

-Top research rating for Wye
Imperial at Wye’s research into plant molecular biology and physiology has been singled out for special praise with the highest 5* rating - Press Release - 17 December 2001

-Imperial College demonstrates international research excellence
The 2001 Research Assessment Exercise results published today by HEFCE reveal that Imperial College has risen to second place out of 148 universities - Press Release 14 December 2001

-Unique partnership brings new hope for vaccine to combat HIV
Imperial College and Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust will be at the heart of vital worldwide research into vaccines to combat HIV thanks to an unique partnership - Press Release - 13 December 2001

-Clean future for diesel
The public's love affair with the dirty but economical diesel engine rolls on. Now engineers at Imperial join forces with the University of Brighton to develop a new generation of diesel engines - Press Release - 23 November 2001

-Look no hands - e-MasterClass in cybersurgery
Latest technology enabled people to watch the second e-MasterClass, interactive distance learning, in real time on the Internet as it was beamed across the world - Press Release - 27 November 2001

-Press Invitation - "Look no hands!" - an e-MasterClass on cybersurgery
The latest Imperial College e-MasterClass will be given by Professor Ara Darzi on the theme "Look no hands! - an exploration of cybersurgery" - Press Release - 21 November 2001

-Gene discovery offers insight into spina bifida
Researchers may be a step closer to understanding the reasons behind a class of devastating birth abnormalities, thanks to a study published today in the journal Human Molecular Genetics - Press Release - 20 November 2001

-Cash boost for brightest students
Kent’s brightest students could benefit from a new scholarship scheme at Imperial College’s Wye campus - Press Release – 7 November 2001

-Imperial College students carry goodwill message from the City on London-Brighton run
Students of the City and Guilds College Union at Imperial College become ambassadors of goodwill this Sunday during the annual London-Brighton veteran car run - Press Release - 2 November 2001

-2001 Fellows and Associates of Imperial College
The following have been elected to the Fellowship and Associateship of Imperial College, London - Press Release - 31 October 2001

-Imperial College reforms academic pay scales
Imperial College has radically reformed lecturers' and professors' pay - Press Release - 26 October 2001

-Typhoid fever bug sequence raises hope of complete eradication
Scientists from Britain, Denmark and Vietnam have deciphered the genetic code of the bacterium responsible for typhoid fever, Salmonella typhi, as reported in Nature today - Press Release - 25 October 2001

-Dramatic drop in meningitis deaths at St Mary's hospital, Paddington
New research at Imperial College shows that the death rate in critically ill children with meningitis and referred to St Mary’s in Paddington from hospitals in the South East has plummeted from 23 to 6 per cent - Press Release - 22 October 2001

-Approval for new hospital complex at Paddington welcomed by NHS trusts and Imperial College
Government approval of the £360 million Paddington Health Complex is welcomed by Imperial College, and St Mary’s and the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trusts - Press Release - 8 October 2001

-Lessons for the future from 'most thorough' analysis of Foot and Mouth epidemic yet
A new analysis of the spread of Britain's Foot and Mouth disease epidemic published in Nature today shows that extended culling programmes were essential for bringing the epidemic under control - Press Release - 4 October 2001

-Imperial College Management School presents Entrepreneurship Masterclass (Singapore)
Imperial College shares its entrepreneurial expertise with an international audience in Singapore on Tuesday 25 September 2001 - Press Release - 21 September 2001

-Imperial College Management School presents Entrepreneurship Masterclass (Hong Kong)
Imperial College shares its entrepreneurial expertise with an international audience in Hong Kong on Thursday 27 September - Press Release - 21 September 2001

-Imperial College appoints Pro Rector for Public and Corporate Affairs
Dr Tidu Maini, currently Senior Vice President of SchlumbergerSema, has been appointed to the newly-created post - Press Release - 18 September 2001

-Researchers identify gene causing rare form of cleft palate
Researchers from Imperial College have identified the gene causing the sex-linked form of cleft palate, they report in Nature Genetics today - Press Release - 17 September 2001

-Next customer please! - the maths of retail banking
Professor David Hand reveal a few of the tools that mathematicians have developed to help banks choose and monitor their customers’ behaviour at the BA Festival of Science in Glasgow today - Press Release - 7 September 2001

-Blueprint For Low Carbon Economy Highlights Positive Long-Term Economic Prospects
A report produced by the Imperial College Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICCEPT) for the Carbon Trust says that moving to a low carbon economy would achieve long-term economic prosperity in the UK - Press release - 6 September 2001

-Imperial College launches new experts guide, now also online
Media Guide 2001/2 launched at the BA Festival of Science in Glasgow, also available from this website - Press Release - 5 September 2001

-High Intensity Laser Pulses - A New Frontier in Molecular Science
Dr Jon Marangos will explain at the BA Festival of Science how the precise manipulation of molecular processes could have a major impact on the chemical and life sciences. - Press Release - 5 September 2001

-Imperial College receives $1.5 million grant from Seismic Micro-Technology
Students to benefit from petroleum geoscience software in the classroom - Press Release - 31 August 2001

-Imperial College receives software worth $3.8 million from Landmark
Researchers and graduate students gain from software tools for seismic data interpretation - Press Release - 31 August 2001

-‘Black box’ for ops, and safer drug prescribing to be investigated by local doctors
Doctors from Imperial College, London, and local hospitals share in a UKP 500,000 research award to improve clinical standards - Press Release - 24 August 2001

-RoboBarbie in a class of her own!
Imperial College robotics expert, Dr Alex Zivanovic, is leading a group of gifted and talented 11 year olds to great heights of achievement in robot building - Press Release - 24 August 2001

-Laser scientists take step towards making fusion energy a reality
Scientists from the UK and Japan may have taken one step further to the reality of fusion energy with a new answer to an old problem, as reported in Nature today - Press Release - 23 August 2001

-Survival tactics in bacteria - environmental conditions fit for mankind
Scientists from Imperial College report in Nature today an important evolutionary link between the two powerhouse protein complexes that drive photosynthesis - Press Release - 16 August 2001

-Meningitis clotting pathway cracked by UK and US scientists
Researchers in the UK and US report in the New England Journal of Medicine this week the results of a study which may explain why patients with meningococcal septicaemia develop widespread clotting - Press Release - 9 August 2001

-Cash Bonanza For Kent Education
More than 30 schools, colleges, organisations and individuals have been given cash for educational projects - Press Release - 24 July 2001

-Wildlife variety is the spice of life, say scientists
Biodiversity is more than just a pretty face - it has an important role in the workings of the living world say results published in Nature today by scientists in the UK and France - Press Release - 4 July 2001

-Press Invitation: Summer show for Imperial scientists
Cutting edge research from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine will be showcased at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition which opens next week - Press Release - 27 June 2001

-Medicines of the future the target for Imperial's new Genetic Therapies Centre
A new research centre dedicated to genetic therapies - manipulating genes to treat disease - is opened today at Imperial College, London - Press Release - 18 June 2001

-Press Invitation: A new dimension in global interactive teaching
Imperial College's e-MasterClass series launches on Tuesday 19 June with a look at healthcare in 2020 by Sir Richard Sykes, rector of the College - Press Release - 14 June 2001

-'Darwin's Nightmare: what parasitoid wasps can tell us about ecology and evolution'
Professor Charles Godfray FRS marvels at what we have learnt from the tiny parasitoid wasps - Press Release - 31 May 2001

-Improving industrial prospects for new superconductor MgB2
Prospects for Magnesium Diboride appear to be more encouraging following the demonstration that introducing internal structural defects could improve its performance - Press Release - 30 May 2001

-Wye - a world leader in agricultural sciences
New head at Wye (from 1 August 2001) will be Professor Jeff Waage, currently Chief Executive of CABI Bioscience - Press Release - 24 May 2001

-New technology reduces earthquake damage to buildings
A novel device that improves the stability of buildings and prevents structural damage during traumatic events such as earthquakes has been patented by Imperial College Innovations - Press Release - 22 May 2001

-Imperial announces first Principals of Faculties
Imperial College today announces the appointments of its first ever Principals of Faculties, to take up their appointments on 1 August this year - Press Release - 16 May 2001

-Press Invitation: Back to the Future - 150 years of the Royal School of Mines
Imperial College is holding a scientific symposium to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of one of its four constituent colleges, the Royal School of Mines - Press Release - 4 May 2001

-Press Invitation: Materials Science and Engineering - its nucleation and growth
Imperial's Department of Materials is holding a two day conference to highlight the strategic role of materials science and engineering to industry and society - Press Release - 4 May 2001

-Why Plants Talk To Insects - New Research from Imperial At Chelsea Flower Show
Why talking to insects is so important to a plant’s well-being is the theme of an unusual display at this year’s Chelsea Flower show (22-25 May) - Press Release - 1 May 2001

-Art Imitates Life for Imperial Physician
A dramatic story from the life of an Imperial College professor is retold in a novel to be published this week - Press Release - 26 April 2001

-New research confirms that natural selection is acting on the current human population
New evidence suggests that natural selection is leading women to have their first child at earlier ages - Press Release - 23 April 2001

-Cash bonanza for education in Kent
Education in Kent could benefit from a cash bonanza totalling £10,000 - Press Release - 19 April 2001

-Science Paper Calls for Rapid, Pre-emptive Slaughter Called "Ring Culling" to Combat Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Research by Imperial College scientists published in the journal Science endorses the rapid, pre-emptive slaughtering of livestock that may be infected with foot-and-mouth disease - Press Release - 12 April 2001

-Imperial wins BBC's University Challenge
Imperial College has won BBC2's University Challenge for the second time in five years - Press Release - 2 April 2001

-Press Invitation: ‘The Future of Medical Technology: 2001-2010’
Scientists at the centre of developments in genomics, electronic patient care and other emerging medical technologies will gather at Imperial College next week to discuss the direction and consequences of their work - Press Release - 23 March 2001

-Imperial College hosts day of science and music
The latest sound technology will be explored by 150 primary school children at Imperial College London on 20 March 2001 - Press Release - 15 March 2001

-First, direct observational evidence of a change in the Earth's greenhouse effect between 1970 and 1997
Scientists from Imperial College have produced the first direct observational evidence that the earth's greenhouse effect increased between 1970 and 1997 - Press Release - 15 March 2001

-Brain Awareness Week at Imperial College - Tuesday 13 March 2001
As part of the annual Brain Awareness Week, scientists from Imperial College School of Medicine will give a day of talks describing how they are exploring the brain - Press Release - 1 March 2001

-Accounting in Agriculture - New Experts Guide
Accounting methods on Canadian crop farms and assessing assets in Australian vineyards are just two of the topics covered in a new guide to agricultural accounting edited by an Imperial College at Wye academic - Press Release - 1 March 2001

-In the Name of Fashion
Fashion conscious fledgling doctors are taking a new approach for charity in their annual Rag Week - Press Release - 19 February 2001

-Pioneering surgeon honoured at Palace
A second Queen's Anniversary Prize will be presented by Her Majesty The Queen to Imperial College today for outstanding contribution in the area of research and training in surgery - Press Release - 15 February 2001

-Public Health Authority from 'down under' joins Imperial College
'Outspoken authority' on public health from Australia has been appointed to the newly established chair of Primary Care Epidemiology - Press Release - 13 February 2001

-Wye's welcome for overseas students
Wye's close links with its international community were underlined with the official opening of the Diana Prescott Room last week - Press Release - 9 February 2001

-Press Invitation: Introduction to climate change and its impacts
Reporters are invited to attend this day long briefing which will provide them with a comprehensive assessment of current problems, solutions and strategies to combat the effects of climate change - Press Release - 5 February 2001

-Medical Imaging with ‘Swiss Rolls’
A novel magnetic material developed by British researchers may lead to dramatic improvements in the performance of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems, as reported in the journal Science today - Press Release - 2 February 2001

-Established Ecological Relationship is Flawed says New Study
A study published in Science today finds that the traditional method used to study ecological relationships between species numbers and land area is flawed - Press Release - 2 February 2001

-Imperial College launches Entrepreneurship Centre
A new base for fostering business innovation among the 10,000 students studying science, engineering, management and medicine at Imperial is launched - Press Release - 30 January 2001

-Imperial College Receives Geoscientific and Reservoir Simulation Software from Schlumberger
Imperial College students and researchers to benefit from leading-edge oil and gas exploration and production software worth $7.5 million from Schlumberger - News - 18 January 2001

-Draft Theory
Imperial researchers tackle a brewing mystery that has haunted pubs and frustrated drinkers for years - Press Release - 11 January 2001

-Imperial College welcomes new Rector
Sir Richard Sykes, DSc, FRS, took up office today - Press Release - 3 January 2001