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 Issue 139, 31 March 2004
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Staff Pay and Grading update

by Tanya Reed

ALL but five of 2,000 staff who have returned Academic and ALC offers have signed up to the latest proposals.

Those who have not returned their offer by 31 March will be contacted to ensure they have received it. Several academic staff will not yet have received offers if they have benefited from salary enhancements, such as from Wellcome. Details are being verified to ensure the offer contains the enhancement information, and the deadline is being extended to allow staff no less than one month to consider their decision.

The closing date for clerical staff is 30 April and all offers have been distributed.

ORS staff allocations are currently being reviewed by departments and the information will be provided to the Pay and Grading Steering Group which meets on 22 April.

The ORS staff will receive their offers following that meeting, again with no less than one month to consider their decision.

The offers will be backdated to 1 August 2003.

The Steering Group will review the report from the HAY job evaluations of sample manual and ancillary and technical posts. Offers for the Operational and Technical Families can then be sent to staff in May and June.

A few specialist groups of staff have not yet been benchmarked and exercises for these will be carried out in April and May.

The deadline for these final groups is expected to be 31 July.

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