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 Issue 148, 19 January 2005
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New microscope gives boost to UK nanotechnology«
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Imperial leads the way in surgical training and innovation«
New programme will train next generation of health leaders«
Tea off to good health«
Success halts trial«
The perfect Formula«
Spotlight on new R&D solutions«
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Spotlight on new R&D solutions

Ricardo Martinez-Botas and student Aaron Costall
Dr Ricardo Martinez-Botas and PhD student Aaron Costall in the turbogenerator lab at Imperial. Dr Martinez-Botas works in collaboration with ABB on unsteady turbo-charger testing

University researchers from the faculty of engineering and engineers from industry met last month to discuss R&D problems and technological solutions in the power and automation field. The ‘ABB day’ at the College brought together over 50 staff from both universities and ABB, the leading power and automation technologies company. They examined joint approaches for developing optimal power infrastructure, reliable power grids, and optimal manufacturing and customer processes. Imperial and ABB also signed an agreement to cement their collaborative framework for R&D management.

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