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2004 News Releases

-New centre to lead the way in surgical technology
The Wolfson Surgical Technology Laboratory opens this week on the St Mary's campus - Press Release - 24 December 2004

-New Centre of Training and Innovation in surgery to be set up at Imperial
Centre will develop and support best practice in day and short stay surgery in the NHS - Press Release - 23 December 2004

-New microscope boost for UK nanotechnology research
A powerful new microscope will help to position Britain as a leading centre for nanomaterials - Press Release - 14 December 2004

-Imperial professor receives prestigious international award
Professor Sir Ara Darzi receives the prestigious International Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence in Dubai - Press Release – 13 December 2004

-Success of new treatment halts international blood pressure drug trial
An international trial comparing blood-pressure lowering treatments has been stopped early due to the significantly better performance of one of the treatments in the trial - Press Release - 8 December 2004

-Industry-university day puts spotlight on new power and automation R&D solutions
University researchers and engineers from ABB meet to discuss R&D problems and technological solutions - Press Release - 7 December 2004

-Imperial biologist wins Guardian book prize for study of human mutations
Study into how the body goes wrong receives £10,000 award - News - 3 December 2004

-Drinking water could be beneficial to patients with low blood pressure
Research suggests drinking two glasses of water can raise blood pressure - Press Release – 1 December 2004

-Yorkshire Nobel Laureate honoured with lecture at Thorne Grammar School
Lord Porter of Luddenham is remembered by former colleagues at Imperial College London - Press Release - 1 December 2004

-Discrimination against gay men, lesbians and bi-sexual men and women could lead to mental health problems
Researchers find that high levels of discrimination could lead to increased risk of mental disorders - Press Release – 1 December 2004

-Cash boost for Wye's top new students
Agricola Scholarships are presented to eight outstanding students at Imperial's Wye campus - Press Release - 30 November 2004

-Book award for Imperial anaesthetist
Professor Mervyn Maze receives first prize in BMA Medical Book Competition - Press Release - 29 November 2004

-Government backs UK's role in international tomato gene sequencing
British researchers announce their major role in international project to sequence the tomato genome - Press Release - 29 November 2004

-Anglo-Japanese prize for Imperial astronomer
Imperial astronomer Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson and collaborators received the 2004 Daiwa Adrian Prize today - News - 25 November 2004

-Imperial College London spin-out floats on stock exchange today
Ceres Power announces the start of dealings in its shares on AIM - Press Release - 25 November 2004

-Chocolate ingredient could put a stop to persistent coughs and lead to new, more effective cough medicines
Cocoa derivative is almost a third more effective than codeine - Press Release - 22 November 2004

-Imperial to host Academy of Medical Sciences Lecture
Dr Bernard Moss of the Laboratory of Viral Diseases will deliver lecture on understanding poxviruses - Press Release - 16 November 2004

-Tanaka graduate triumphs at Student of the Year awards
Tanaka Business School graduate named MBA Student of the Year - News - 16 November 2004

-Researchers develop new ways to predict number of drug users
Number of recorded overdose deaths could be used to predict the number of drug users - Press Release - 15 November 2004

-Hepatitis C at epidemic levels among young injectors in London
New research says four out of ten new young injectors now has hepatitis C - Press Release - 12 November 2004

-Chronic liver failure to be treated using stem cell therapy
Scientists believe injecting patients with their own stem cells could improve liver function - Press Release - 9 November 2004

-Imperial College supports London's 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid
College backs the bid, citing possible benefits to sports development, health education and research - News - 2 November 2004

-Imperial College London and Advance Nanotech announce collaboration to promote nanotechnology research
Advance Nanotech provides £3.4m funding for Institute of Biomedical Engineering - Press Release - 2 November 2004

-Prize for outstanding scholarship awarded to two Imperial mathematicians
Lecturers in the Department of Maths win Philip Leverhulme Prize - Press Release - 2 November 2004

-Imperial to lead the way in developing vaccines against bio-weapons
Scientists are to help develop new vaccines in case of a terrorist release of biological agents - Press Release - 1 November 2004

-New Fellows announced for Imperial's Faculty of Medicine
Imperial presents two new Fellowships of the Faculty of Medicine - Press Release - 28 October 2004

-Grape skins could be used to treat asthma
Researchers find a substance in the skins of red fruits that could help asthma sufferers - Press Release - 28 October 2004

-New Fellows of Imperial College London announced
This year's distinguished academics elected to the Fellowship are formally admitted today - Press Release - 27 October 2004

-Child deaths during cardiac surgery decreasing
Mortality figures for children undergoing open cardiac surgery have dropped to a third of that recorded before the Bristol Inquiry, say researchers - Press Release - 8 October 2004

-Bugs in the gut could play key role in understanding human disease and drug toxicity
Researchers describe how microbes in the gut form the second largest metabolic 'organ' in the body and play a key role in disease processes - Press Release - 6 October 2004

-Honorary citizenship of Singapore to be conferred on Sir Richard Sykes
Sir Richard is named an honorary citizen in recognition of his contribution to Singapore's biomedical sciences industry - Press Release - 4 October 2004

-Academic promotions 2004 at Imperial College London
Imperial announces the conferment of title on 30 new Professors and 41 new Readers, and promotion to 22 new Senior Lecturers and three new Principal Research Fellows - Press Release - 1 October 2004

-Don't stand so close to me: a new view on how species coexist
Species living together in communities don't rub shoulders too closely because evolution has caused them to compromise on key life measures, report ecologists in the journal Science today - Press Release - 1 October 2004

-Scientists tame electron beams, bringing 'table top' particle accelerators a step closer
Scientists from the UK and the USA have successfully demonstrated a new technique that could help to shrink the size and cost of particle accelerators - Press Release - 29 September 2004

-Imperial undergraduates win top science and technology prizes
Two students from the Department of Computing are among this year's SET Awards winners - News - 29 September 2004

-Simple interventions for Accident and Emergency patients could help reduce excessive drinking
Study shows offering help leads to reduced drinking and fewer trips to A&E - Press Release - 28 September 2004

-Doh! New format could store all of Homer’s life on one optical disk
Imperial physicists are developing a new optical disk with enough storage capacity to hold all episodes of The Simpsons - Press Release - 27 September 2004

-Imperial scientist named in top 100 young innovators list
Materials researcher named in Technology Review's annual list of the world's 100 Top Young Innovators - Press Release - 20 September

-Sleeping problems could be a barrier to space exploration
Scientists warn that space travel could significantly disrupt the human body clock - Press Release - 9 September 2004

-Prestigious EU fellowship winner returns to Imperial
A quantum information scientist has won one of the first European Young Investigators Awards - News - 6 September

-Scientists discover way to slow the progression of prostate cancer
Preventing certain genes from become active could slow the disease's development - Press Release - 2 September 2004

-Stuck on you: scientists lay bare secrets of bacterial attachment proteins
A picture of how bacteria latch on to human cells is published by UK, French and US scientists - Press Release - 1 September 2004

-International stem cell symposium to be held at Imperial College London
Symposium exploring the potential of stem cells for repair and regeneration to be held at Hammersmith campus - Press Release - 1 September 2004

-E-mail consultations could improve health care delivery claim researchers
Greater use of e-mail consultations could be beneficial to patients according to research from Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh - Press Release - 20 August 2004

-Researchers put gingko on trial for treatment of dementia
Researchers in London are to explore the effectiveness of gingko, a complementary medicine traditionally used to treat circulatory problems, as a treatment for early dementia - Press Release - 19 August 2004

-Imperial launches new industry funded PhD studentship programme
A new arrangement with AstraZeneca and Unilever to provide funding for 10 PhD studentships in the new scientific field of metabonomics - Press Release - 18 August 2004

-Scientists visualise cellular handmaiden that restores shape to proteins
A gigantic protein complex responsible for looking after bent out of shape proteins has been visualised by scientists working in Japan and the UK - Press Release - 17 August 2004

-Schools Standards Minister visits summer school at Imperial College London
Members of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth will be educating Minister for Schools Standards, David Miliband MP, in space science this week when he visits the NAGTY summer school at Imperial - Press Release - 17 August 2004

-Imperial students help to improve food security in Zimbabwe
Engineering students design tissue culture cabinet to help farmers improve crop quality - News - 12 August 2004

-New Chairman of the Court and Council of Imperial College London
Lord Kerr of Kinlochard will be the new Chairman of the Court and Council of Imperial College London - Press Release - 6 August 2004

-Statement on the restructuring of the Faculty of Life Sciences
Imperial College London today announces the beginning of a consultation exercise over the restructuring of its Faculty of Life Sciences - Press Statement - 5 August 2004

-Statement on the future of teaching and research at Imperial College London’s Wye campus
Imperial's Management Board agrees recommendations for Faculty of Life Sciences activities at the Wye campus - Press Statement - 5 August 2004

-Imperial’s careers service wins quality award
Matrix Quality Standard recognises high quality guidance and information - News - 28 July 2004

-Imperial students placed in finals of international business plan competition
Two student teams are placed third and fifth in the Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition - News - 26 July 2004

-New drugs prevent scarring after glaucoma eye surgery
London scientists report new discovery in Nature Biotechnology - Press Release - 18 July 2004

-Carnivore extinction risk determined more by biology than human population density, says study
Biological traits more critical than increasing human population - Press Release - 15 July 2004

-Imperial professor appointed as Chair of the Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee
Chris Higgins, Director of the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre and Head of the Division of Clinical Sciences, is the new Chair of SEAC - Press Release - 15 July 2004

-Winners of the first national Green Design Challenge are announced
Scottish team wins first prize in competition to attract young women to engineering - News - 15 July 2004

-Imperial cited as developing ‘best practice’ in dealing with hospital acquired infection by National Audit Office report
Report highlights the importance of antibiotic control and surveillance in cutting down antibiotic resistant hospital acquired infections - Press Release - 14 July 2004

-Four new Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering at Imperial
Three Imperial engineers and the College’s Rector are among those newly elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering - News - 12 July 2004

-'Light on a chip' potential seen by scientists spoofing natural phenomenon
An ultrafine nanometre 'drill' may also allow scientists to make artificial materials capable of harnessing light for use in optical computers of the future, according to research in Science Express today - Press Release - 8 July 2004

-International team urges action to save threatened antelope species
Urgent action is needed to save the saiga antelope from extinction, say researchers - Press Release - 6 July 2004

-Imperial beat Oxford to win Henley’s newest event
Imperial crew wins the new Men's Student Coxed Fours event at Henley Royal Regatta on Sunday - News - 5 July 2004

-New Principal of Engineering announced at Imperial College London
Imperial College London today announces the appointment of Dr Julia King as its new Principal of the Faculty of Engineering - Press Release - 30 June 2004

-The Queen opens Tanaka Business School at Imperial College London
Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of York, officially opened the newly-built Tanaka Business School at Imperial College London today - Press Release - 24 June 2004

-How left-handed amino acids got ahead: a demonstration of the evolution of biological homochirality in the lab
Imperial scientists report chemical reaction demonstrating how biological molecules might have become left or right handed - Press Release - 21 June 2004

-Privatisation has not made rail safety worse, says professor
There is a mismatch between the perception and reality of rail safety, according to research presented today by an Imperial College London professor - Press Release - 16 June 2004

-Knowledge transfer funding worth £4.5 million awarded to Imperial
College will use Higher Education Innovation Fund award to engage more effectively with business - Press Release - 15 June 2004

-Knighthood for Imperial theoretical physicist in Birthday Honours list
John Pendry, theoretical physicist was awarded a knighthood in Saturday's Queen's birthday honours - News - 14 June 2004

-Imperial College London becomes manager of National Nature Reserve
Opening of the first National Nature Reserve to be managed by an English university institution has been marked at Wye campus - Press Release - 9 June 2004

-London students present ‘A Living Yearbook’ to showcase activities
The activities and interests pursued by university students outside their studies will be showcased in a day of workshops, demonstrations and live music at Imperial - Press Release - 9 June 2004

-Saturn mission nearing crucial moment; data from closest pass will be vital say scientists
Seven years of waiting for Imperial scientists will come to an end on 1 July when the Cassini spacecraft swoops closer to Saturn than any spacecraft previously - Press Release - 3 June 2004

-Scientists discover way to regulate the body's energy expenditure
Scientists have discovered a protein that controls the amount of fat stored in the body, offering new clues for obesity treatment, they write in PNAS today - Press Release - 2 June 2004

-Four new Fellows of the Royal Society at Imperial
Two Imperial physicists, a chemist and a microbiologist were among those elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society, it was announced today - News - 28 May 2004

-History of vineyards maps Britain’s changing climate
The locations of vineyards across the UK during the last 2,000 years and what they may tell us about how our climate has changed will be tackled in a lecture by Professor Richard Selley - Press Release - 27 May 2004

-New Principal for Imperial's Faculty of Medicine
Professor Stephen Smith DSc, FMedSci, currently Executive Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Glasgow University, is appointed - Press Release - 26 May 2004

-Nuclear power: A solution to climate change or a victim of its history? - Dr Sue Ion debates the future of nuclear energy
The opportunities and challenges facing the nuclear power industry will be debated by Sue Ion, Executive Director of BNFL, in the 2004 Athena lecture - Press Release - 21 May 2004

-Plant-like enzyme acts as key life cycle switch in malaria parasite
An essential switch in the life cycle of the malaria parasite has been uncovered by researchers in England, Germany and Holland, they report in Cell today - Press Release - 13 May 2004

-Imperial College London Postgraduate Awards Ceremony 2004
Imperial bestows its highest honours on figures from the worlds of engineering, surgery and education - Press Release - 12 May 2004

-Successful season for Wye's riding team
2003-04 results from the Wye campus equestrian team - Press Release - 12 May 2004

-Magnetic treatment may help people with spinal cord injuries
Preliminary study finds positive results in cases of partial spinal cord damage - Press Release - 10 May 2004

-'Identify and Isolate': Simple public health measures work best in controlling highly infectious diseases
Researchers suggest straightforward measures as the most effective way to contain diseases - Press Release - 6 May 2004

-Drugs experts call for government backing to stop the spread of hepatitis C
Researchers find lack of knowledge about transmission risks among drug users - Press Release - 28 April 2004

-Princess Royal’s Flying Visit to Wye
The Princess was guest of honour at LEAD International's graduation ceremony for 100 environmental leaders of the future, held at the Wye campus -News - 27 April 2004

-Scientists plan to reclaim contaminated land by using domestic waste
Trials begin on new waste disposal technique - Press Release - 27 April 2004

-Champagne celebration for Wye student
Business and Environment student scoops essay-writing competition - Press Release - 26 April 2004

-Researchers discover cold virus can 'hit and hide'
An international team of researchers has discovered that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), a common cold virus causing bronchiolitis in children, can act as a 'hit and hide' virus - Press Release - 23 April 2004

-Newborn lambs’ central heating system could aid fat busting in humans
Brown fat in newborn lambs provides clues for tackling human obesity - Press Release - 11 April 2004

-UK flooding threat to be tackled by expert consortium
Initiative to predict and manage the risk of flooding is launched on 7 April - Press Release - 5 April 2004

-Energy Technology Venture wins £25,000 Entrepreneurs’ Challenge prize
Three MBA students from the Tanaka Business School have won the fourth annual Challenge for their plan to develop an innovative transmission system for vehicles - News - 26 March 2004

-London students take on school makeover challenge
Students from universities across London will transform local school in just one day - Press Release - 23 March 2004

-Agriculture investment is the answer to sub-Saharan Africa in crisis
Greater investment in smallholder agriculture could offer a route out of the deepening poverty facing many African nations, a study by Imperial College London economists has concluded - Press Release - 22 March 2004

-Natural enemies help scientists untangle tropical forest food webs
British ecologists have gathered compelling new experimental evidence on how tropical rain forest food webs are constructed,findings that may have important implications for their environmental management - Press Release - 18 March 2004

-£76 million research centre to make the UK a global centre of excellence for clinical imaging
GlaxoSmithKline and Imperial today announce a major research collaboration in medical imaging. Research will focus on cancer, stroke, neurological and psychiatric diseases - Press Release - 16 March 2004

-Britain not doing enough to stop people from smoking claim public health experts
In a report published today in the Medical Journal of Australia, the British Government is severely criticised for its record on tobacco control by UK public health experts - Press Release - 14 March 2004

-Two better than one where lowering blood pressure is concerned
Most people with hypertension should be on two blood pressure lowering drugs rather than one according to guidelines published in BMJ today - Press Release - 12 March 2004

-African cotton market doesn’t benefit from too much competition
An international team of researchers are challenging conventional wisdom that the more competitive a market is, the more successful it will be, in the current edition of World Development - Press Release - 12 March 2004

-Pioneering flu researcher wins major Imperial scientific award
One of the UK's leading experts on the influenza virus is this year's winner of the Ernst Chain Prize, an annual award by Imperial that celebrates scientific excellence - Press Release - 7 March 2004

-‘T-ray’ devices with perfect imaging abilities move a step closer
Scientists demonstrate artificially made material that can provide a magnetic response to Terahertz frequency radiation - Press Release - 4 March 2004

-Business School Principal elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Professor David Begg is honoured for contribution to economics - Press Release - 2 March 2004

-Researchers map 'super-tree' of flowering plants, solving Darwin’s "abominable mystery"
The secret of how flowering plants evolved into one of the Earth's most dominant and diverse groups of organisms is revealed in study led by researchers from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Imperial - Press Release - 26 February 2004

-Singapore students to earn UK PhD without leaving home
Agreement between Imperial and Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research to promote international collaboration - Press Release - 26 February 2004

-Capturing cell protein production in action could help fight antibiotic resistance
The fight against antibiotic resistance could be aided by new 3D images of the final steps involved in manufacturing proteins, a study led by Imperial reveals today in a letter to Nature - Press Release - Wednesday 25 February 2004

-Imperial 17th in world universities ranking, 3rd in Europe
Highly cited researchers, articles in Nature and Science and Nobel Laureates are indicators of Imperial's globally competitive academic standing - News - 9 February 2004

-Seeing how plants split water could provide key to our future energy needs
The possibility of using the Earth's abundant supply of water as a cheap source of hydrogen is a step closer thanks to Imperial researchers - Press Release - 5 February 2004

-Imperial College London announces second phase of framework arrangements
Second phase of arrangements to improve construction project management is rolled out - Press Release - 3 February 2003

-Imperial to take part in new European obesity and diabetes study
European grant boosts Imperial's research into obesity and type 2 diabetes - Press Release - 3 February 2004

-Imperial technology will help to wire up world’s largest IT project
Technology developed by Imperial College London researchers and by spinout company ComMedica will play a key role in wiring up the National Health Service (NHS) in England - Press Release - 2 February 2004

-Imperial College London response to success of HE Bill
Sir Richard Sykes, Rector of Imperial College London, welcomes success of Bill - Press Release - 27 January 2004

-Imperial College London to provide undergraduate scholarships of up to £4,000 per year
New scholarships to help with student living costs will recognise academic achievement - Press Release - 21 January 2004

-New bursaries launched to promote London students-in-schools scheme
Citigroup donation to fund bursaries for Pimlico Connection volunteers - Press Release - 16 January 2004

-Major New Sheep Breed Survey Launched by Imperial Researchers
Results are expected to highlight the impact of the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic in 2001 - Press Release - 12 January 2004