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The College works to a communications strategy that currently runs from 2017-2020 and directly supports the College’s 2015-2020 strategy, in particular the global significance of the College’s contributions in research and education, and communicating with key decision makers to influence the policy environment.

Our vision is to provide a lifetime of the best communications at every stage of contact with the College and for all audiences internally and externally – for school pupils, undergraduates, postdoc scholars, alumni, staff and stakeholders – by providing information, by listening, and by fostering support for the College and its strategy. 

Our mission is to show and tell Imperial’s stories to engage and inspire audiences, advance the College strategy, and create lasting connections with its community. In order to achieve these aims we follow a set of core values - integrity, professionalism, collaboration and respect for colleagues in everything we do. We value inspiring, creative and high quality communications in all that we do. 

Our strategy is built on five main strategic objectives:

  1. Help drive the College’s future direction and its vision to benefit society through bold, ambitious communications, a strong consistent voice and a powerful identity. 
  2. Improve the experience of external and internal audiences across their lifetime of contact with the College to support successful delivery of the College’s 2015-2020 strategy. 
  3. Deliver the shared objectives of other teams across the College – such as Advancement, Education, Corporate Engagement, and Research – through collaborative, client-focused, high quality communications and a strong partnership approach. 
  4. Keep the College community clearly and well informed and ensure feedback is listened to, through reinvigorated, best-in-class internal communications. 
  5. Become a best practice exemplar of good communications, nationally and internationally, with a well-managed and high-performing division, specialist outsourcing and clear, measured goals.

The communications strategy is available to internal College audiences on request. Please ask Tracy Bevan for details.