There are two ways of adding images: 

  1. You can add an image using the ‘image placeholder’ option (recommended):

Image uploader circled in red 2. Directly into the text editor using the insert image button:insert image function in text editor

Using the image placeholder option

  • Consider image size and quality - the larger the size of your image, the larger the email size will be for your recipients.
  • Resize your images to the dimensions below - this will ensure the image lines up to the edge and does not have white space around it.
  • You can resize the image in the Poppulo editor using the resize button, or upload images in the correct dimensions (by using a program like Photoshop beforehand). 
  • If you are resizing in the Poppulo editor, select 'custom size' and also 'constrain proportions'. We advise against using the small, medium, large otions, as this may only resize the width, and the height may vary. 
  • The recommended image dimensions for 2 and 3 column content types is 600 x 400 pixels
  • The recommended image dimensions for the feature article and one column content type is 1000 x 600 pixels. 

Resize image button on Poppulo

Using the insert image option

When using the 'insert image' button in the editor, the maximum image width sizes are:

  • Three column articles - 183px width
  • Two column articles - 287px width

General guidance 

  • Remember to use alt text for all your images. Alt text is a short description of what the image depicts and helps to make your newsletter accessible for people with visual impairments. Similarly, don’t make your image captions too long – keep them concise, no more than two lines of text under the image. Consult the accessibility guidance document for further information.
  • Do not include important information as text within an image. It is not accessible as the text will not be visible to those who may be visually impaired.

alt text button