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If you are interested in using Poppulo please contact Elizabeth Nixon.

Internal newsletter and email marketing system (Poppulo)

What we are doing

We are implementing an email marketing system (Poppulo), and creating an operating model, which will provide staff from across the College with a service for managing and sending internal College email newsletters to staff and students.

Why we are doing it

Poppulo is currently in use by a small part of the College, but this project will expand usage, to offer a centrally supported alternative to the various unsupported internal email marketing systems across the College. By formalising the central support through both Communications and ICT, we will be able to provide a new internal communications tool that offers an easy to use, flexible template system that adheres to College brand and visual identity, and is mobile friendly.

By providing staff and students with engaging email newsletters, editorial guidance and best practice, this email platform will help to improve the internal communications of the College, as well as staff and student awareness of key College messages.

This platform will also provide improved access to email usage data and produce statistics reports that will help staff measure the performance of internal email communications. This project includes the upgrade and implementation of the Poppulo Enterprise level account. This upgrade enables the centralised management of communications and enhanced analytics for managing and measuring across multiple teams. These enhancements will improve visibility, governance and analysis of internal email communications

Out of scope – Sending to external email addresses.

Benefits to you

This project seeks to support the College Strategy and Communications strategy and achieve the following benefits:

  1. You will send and receive higher quality internal email communications
  2. You will see an increased engagement with your internal email communications
  3. You will achieve greater adherence to the College brand and visual identity for internal email campaigns
  4. You will have access to increased usage and performance data reporting for internal email campaigns
  5. You will receive greater centralised support and guidance for internal communications campaigns
  6. There will be a decreased need for you and your department to maintain individual email marketing systems.
Project milestonesProposed delivery date*
Move current contract to Enterprise level subscription  Summer 2018
Engage newsletter owners, implement template designs, editor guidance and training material  Summer 2018
Pilot Enterprise licence and centrally supported service for 1 year  June  2018 - July 2019
Review one year pilot project performance  March-April 2019
*All dates are subject to change
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What will it cost?

  • Poppulo licenses – There will be a charge for each user licence and your department will have to cover this cost. The one-off set up fee and the core annual subscription cost will be covered centrally.
  • Template design - You will have access to a custom email template that will have a flexible design which will enable you to tailor the look and feel to your chosen requirements. Any further bespoke email template designs required for specific campaigns, sub-brands, or projects will have to be paid for from your local department budget with the cost being dependant on the design complexity.

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If you are interested in using Poppulo to send your internal email communications please contact Elizabeth Nixon.