Features and profiles

The main feature should always be interesting, relevant and entertaining to the broadest possible Imperial audience. It will often touch on key College themes including collaborative research, innovative teaching, entrepreneurship and enterprise and exceptional achievements.Staff reading Reporter

Recent successful feature topics include:

Opinion pieces

One area of feedback from the most recent review of Reporter was a desire for more genuine voices and opinion from across the College - potentially even discussing ways the College might improve in certain areas.

We are looking for copy that is between 600 and 800 words. It could be that you’ve already written a piece for the College’s increasingly popular blog pages, which can be used as a starting point to adapt to the Reporter audience.

In the new-look Reporter, opinion pieces have so far mainly focussed on learning and teaching at the College, for example:

Event reviews

The College hosts many interesting events, both for more specialist audiences and also the general public. We’d welcome written reviews of events that people have attended at around 300-400 words in length. If it’s a complex academic lecture, try and explain the science in terms a general audience will understand and identify some key take-home messages and new things learned. The event reviews can help build excitement for future events, which are also previewed in Reporter.

Contribute to Reporter

The Reporter team welcomes content suggestions and contribution from all parts of the Imperial community – whether that is be initial ideas or more fully formed pieces. The Editor will assess each idea or piece on its suitability and work with colleagues to develop the idea.