How we prioritise requests for photography support

We consider how the images will support the College strategy, their primary use, and their expected reach. When requests do not meet these criteria, we support teams to manage jobs with our roster of freelance photographers.

The expertise of our limited in-house resource is prioritised for images with the greatest reach and those that will help deliver impactful, engaging communications, marketing and stewardship materials for the College. These are images that illustrate the core of the College’s mission with strong reach and impact, such as students, researchers or medics at work, editorial portraits, key campaigns and life on campus.

Our approved freelance roster commonly supports requests with local reach, such as events, conferences, VIP visits, and departmental and support staff and/or student headshots and group shots.

Booking your photography

To enquire about a photography booking, please contact including as much information about the event and your requirements as possible.

Staff headshots

A free staff photoshoot takes place twice each year. Find out more on the Staff photoshoot page.

Your photoshoot

Before your photoshoot

Take note of the below resources prior to your shoot:

  • Brief your photographer, and prepare your space and subjects for your shoot (link to preparing for your photoshoot page)
  • Ensure your photographer is familiar with the Imperial College London Photography Guidelines (link to Photography guidelines page)
  • Check the PPE requirements for the location and provide details in your brief (link to PPE page)
  • Make sure you are familiar with our guidance on consent and permissions; you may need to print out a photography notice or consent form for an event (link to consent page)
  • Take note of our cancellation policy; you may need to pay if you cancel without appropriate notice (link to cancellation policy at bottom of this page)

After your photoshoot

Once your photoshoot is complete and you have received the images from your photographer, ensure you send these files to your department’s Asset Library expert, cc’ing, for upload to the Asset Library. If your department does not have an expert, please contact to enquire about support and training.

More about our freelance photography roster

The Communications Division has created a roster of photographers regularly used for shoots across the College. These trusted photographers meet our high standards for photography at the College and have signed a bespoke contract that grants the College universal and exclusive rights to use their photography in promoting Imperial and its work.

Any costs incurred will often need to be met by the team or department making the request.

We generally recommend that a freelance photographer is booked for photography of the following nature:

  • Academic or student conferences, meetings or networking events.
  • Faculty or departmental events and VIP visits.
  • Headshots and group photos outside of our regular headshot days, with the exception of those above Director-level.

Contact the Photography team ( for help and advice about hiring a freelance photographer and the costs involved.

Cancelling a photography booking

Our roster of freelance photographers delivers thousands of professional photographs for the College’s use each year. When a photographer accepts a booking for the College, they may turn down other jobs or make special arrangements to honour that booking.

If you need to cancel your booking with a freelance photographer, we recommend providing the photographer with at least seven working days’ notice. If you cancel your booking with less notice, you should be prepared to pay the photographer’s fee in part or in full.

Cancellations made with less than seven days’ notice

You should be prepared to pay 50% of the photographer’s fee.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice

You should be prepared to pay 100% of the photographer’s fee.