Our toolkits provide guidance on using the Imperial brand, links to branded templates and advice on working with graphic designers and producing publications.

Need some graphic design or editorial support?

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Brand guidelines

The College's brand guidelines explain how to use the Imperial visual identity correctly, as well as how to use the College's house style in your writing.

Visual identity guidance

In our visual identity guidance, you can find the tools you need to create print and digital media which use the College's logo, brand colours and fonts correctly. It also contains information about branding your department and using the Imperial brand when you are working with external partners.

Writing style guide

To hyphen or not to hyphen? Check the Imperial writing style guide for information about how to write about the College and what we do, and find advice on everything from acronmyns and numbers, to punctuation and spelling.


College stationery

Templates for your College letters and email signature, and find out how to order personalised pre-printed business cards and compliment slips.

PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to give a presentation on behalf of the College, we recommend that you use our PowerPoint templates to create your slides. Choose from a blank branded template, pre-made slides about the College and presentations designed for prospective students.

Other useful tools


Everything that the College publishes online or in print must be accessible to a wide range of audiences. Learn more about the standards that you should meet in your publication.

Web and social media skills and training

The College's Digital team has put together a number of materials designed to support you to create engaging content.

College facts and figures

Find statistics about the Imperial community, details of award-winning members of staff and the College's world leading research.