The College Asset Library

The College’s Asset Library contains over 150,000 images that cover all aspects of life at Imperial. Learn more about how to search for images, use lightboxes and download photographs for use in print and online.

Getting started with the Asset Library

Learn how to search and download images, find guidance on how to upload images and arrange guest access to the Asset Library.

Using images in print and online

PPE in photography

Photography at Imperial should reflect the College’s commitment to safety in the workplace. Our guidance provides advice on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in photography, good practice for photography in a lab, and specific settings and photography styles.

Using images on the College website

Find out how to add images to your pages on T4 in the College's web guide.

Images for print publications

Is your image high enough quality to be used in printed materials? Learn more about image size and where to find advice about images for print publications.

Photoshoots and consent

Commissioning a photoshoot

Find advice about organising a photoshoot and how to brief your photographer.

consent and permissions for photography

Find out when and how to gather consent for photography.

Professional staff portraits

Staff photoshoots

Find out the date of the next staff photoshoot and how to find professional portrait photographs of members of staff at Imperial.


Video production

Find advice and get tips about how how to film things yourself and information about recording permission and Copyright.

Video post-production

Tips and advice on editing your videos and publishing them online.