Poppulo offers two different types of accounts, and when we are allocating a licence we will ask you some questions to help determine which type we will recommend. 

1. Enterprise People Management or EPM accounts are set up to sync with Imperial’s active directory. This means we can add existing distribution lists (DL) to your account – or you can set up a new one through ICT for us to add. This means your recipient list will stay up to date, as Poppulo syncs with the active directory every 24 hours.  

It also means you’ll have access to better data for segmenting sends and for looking at analytics – Poppulo will automatically pull through department, faculty, job family and other key fields for each of your recipients.  

2. Non-Enterprise People Management or non-EPM accounts do not sync with the active directory. Instead, you can add recipients to your account by uploading them directly or setting up a sign-up form so people can subscribe themselves.  

If you need access to both types of features, we can set you up with two accounts, one of each type. You will be able to clone emails from one account to the other.  

If you’re not sure which type of account you need, please contact the Internal Communications Team

If you opt for a non-EPM account, please view our additional guidance.