If you have a non-EPM account, there is some additional guidance you may need.  

External email addresses  

Poppulo is set up as a platform for internal newsletters and emails only – i.e. newsletters sent to current Imperial staff and students. We can send emails to non-Imperial addresses if they have a formal affiliation with the College – for example, they do some teaching at Imperial, but don’t have or don’t check an Imperial address.  

If you have a non-EPM account, it’s your responsibility to check your people list and remove any non-Imperial email addresses if you do not have a clear understanding of their affiliation to Imperial. We recommend you do this at least every three months.  


If you want recipients to be able to unsubscribe, the Internal Communications Team will set up an audience in your account - think of this as being like a permission. Otherwise, if someone unsubscribes, their email address will be set to inactive and they won’t receive any Poppulo emails. Setting an audience means if someone unsubscribes, they will be removed just from that audience. 

Once the audience is set up, you will need to apply it to: 

  • Folders (under folder settings) 
  • People - this can be done: 
    • To an existing tag 
    • When doing a manual import 
    • To a sign-up form 

The ‘All’ audience must be applied to all people in the sub account. This makes sure people can receive emails from other folders in the same sub account even if they’ve unsubscribed from one audience. 

Creating a sign-up form 

If you want to create a sign-up form, please follow this guidance from Poppulo:  

You should set the form up so that all sign ups get added to a tag automatically. You should apply your audience to the form.  

Then contact the Internal Communications Team who will create a link to the form which you’ll be able to add on T4. 

If you’re allowing people to subscribe via a sign-up form, you should also ask the Internal Communications Team to add an ‘unsubscribe’ link to your template to enable people to unsubscribe.  

Importing recipients 

You may want to import an existing list of recipients into your account. Please follow the Poppulo guidance to do this: 

Make sure you apply your audience (see above) when you import, if you have an unsubscribe function set up.