Poppulo automatically creates an Overview Report for each email you send. 

The two most common metrics to focus on are the open rate and click rate. Find out more about how Poppulo calculates these metrics

More detailed data on your newsletters is available through Poppulo Analytics.

More information on open rates

Poppulo (and other similar newsletter systems) track open rates by counting whether a 1 pixel by 1 pixel image file has been downloaded. This means that if you open the email, but your email programme is set to block image downloads, your open will not be recorded. If you’re interested, you can read more about pixel tracking.

The fix ICT have implemented means that anyone using Outlook installed on a College-registered Windows computer to view their emails will have images downloaded automatically for Poppulo emails. This should make the open rate figures you see more accurate. 

However, open rates may still not be totally accurate, as people can still choose to individually block image download. 

ICT are working on a similar fix for Outlook on College-registered Macs, while people who currently use other email programmes such as Gmail or Apple Mail are more likely to have image download already automatically enabled.

If you have any questions, please contact the Internal Communications Team

Discrepancy between Overview report and Analytics report 

If you are looking at your stats, you may notice that the Overview report and Analytics report show slightly different figures in some cases. Poppulo has clarified that this is because the Overview report rounds up and the Analytics report rounds down.

In most cases as it will only be a percentage point difference, this will not matter, and you can use either figure. If you are compiling a report across a few issues of a newsletter, we'd suggest using picking either the Overview or Analytics figures and using the same one throughout. 

If you need an exact figure, you will need to work this out manually from the number of people who have clicked/opened and the total number of recipients.