Poppulo Analytics supplements the data you can already access in the ‘Reports’ section of your account. There are two main ways to use Analytics: get more detailed data on your newsletters, and gather data on a specific topic across several newsletter issues by creating a campaign.

We have enabled Poppulo Analytics across all sub accounts in Poppulo, so if you have a Poppulo account, you will have access to it. Find out how to access Analytics

Get more data

Use the email channel tab to get more data on your newsletter. You can look at the stats across specific issues, or a specific time period.

You can also segment the data by the following fields:

Field name in PoppuloCollege termExamples
Teams Teams/sections  Condensed Matter Theory Group, Outreach team
Departments Departments Bioengineering, Student Recruitment and Outreach 
Divisions Faculties  Engineering, support services 
Employee statuses Employment status Employee, honorary
Business units Job families  Academic and research, professional services 
Site/Location Campus Hammersmith Campus, White City Campus
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Set up and track a campaign

Analytics also gives you the option of creating a campaign to evaluate how your audience is engaging with a particular issue, e.g. career development.

Once you’ve created the campaign, you would then need to tag each article on career development with the campaign, or tag the whole email when sending if it’s an email entirely about career development. Please note that individually tagged articles will only get picked up by Analytics if they include a microsite link. 

If you're not using campaigns, you will still need to complete the Analytics Campaign(s) field when you create an article - but you can just select 'No Analytics Campaign'.

You can use the campaigns tool to send pulse and outcome surveys to a randomly selected sample of your audience, to assess how much they know about career development at the start of the campaign, and how this changes during the campaign.  

If you would like to create a campaign that will be used by other licence holders (e.g. across a faculty), please contact the Internal Communications Team.