General guidance

Before you begin creating a newsletter, or if you are reviewing your current newsletter, please consider the following:

Define your goals

  • Why are you sending this newsletter?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you want your recipients to know/do after reading? 


  • What will your newsletter be called and what are your key messages?
  • How you are gathering your content?
  • What will the sign off process be? 


  • How frequently will you send out your newsletter? Consider whether your audience will find your content useful and interesting and how time-sensitive it is.


  • Measure how well your newsletter has performed. For example, do you know how many people opened your newsletter or how many clicks your hyperlinks received?
  • As part of your feedback process, you could host a small focus group or send out a survey to further assess the impact of your newsletter. 

Style guide

To ensure that you build a consistent and engaging newsletter, think about the following:  

Layout and format

  • How will you take your readers from the top to the bottom of the newsletter? Are you going to place an image at the top or will you lead with text?

Writing style

  • Avoid jargon and ensure your writing is clear and concise.
  • Using short sentences, clear subheadings and bullet points can be effective.
  • Make sure any acronyms are written out in the first usage.
  • Please consult the Imperial's style guide when writing and proofreading your newsletter. 


  • Consider what font you are using and whether it is legible for your audience.
  • It is important to consider accessibility for readers who might be visually impaired or colour-blind.
  • Avoid bright colours, small font sizes and clearly indicate where a web link will send your reader. 


  • Choose your images carefully and avoid using clip art graphics or images that do not relate to the copy you have written.
  • Where possible, use a high-quality image that is striking and will encourage your audience to read on.
  • The university asset library contains high-quality images available for you to download and insert into your newsletter.

To find out more about newsletters read How to write a successful corporate newsletter or How to Write an Email Newsletter in 13 Simple Steps.