Imperial’s overarching research and teaching mission is supported by thousands of dedicated staff in a variety of diverse and interesting roles – many of which are behind-the-scenes.

Dr Katharina Hauck

The Imperial People campaign shines a light on underrepresented areas of Imperial and offers an insight into how the university operates on a daily basis.

Get involved

We welcome submissions from all corners of Imperial, including academic and support staff.

Please consider the following guidance when submitting your profile:

  • In the first instance, please write a few paragraphs of between 200 - 300 words about yourself and your role at Imperial. You could highlight your participation in schemes such as Active Bystander training and Mental Health First Aiders or even how you juggle being a parent with your work commitments. 
  • We prefer the tone of voice to be in first-person narrative, for example: “I enjoy my role because it has evolved dramatically; there is an increasing need for specialist support, for example accommodating students with medical and wellbeing needs, which I provide.” 
  • Do not worry about your writing being perfect - especially if English is not your first language. Imperial People has an informal tone and our editors can help you hone it before we all agree on a final version.  
  • Please provide a professional and high quality photograph. It could be in a work environment, such as a lab, but a standard portrait also works well. Imperial has regular photoshoots for free - please check when the next session is to get your photo taken.

Your mini profile will then be uploaded in full to the Imperial People blog site

Often, we take short quotes from the mini-profile and use them alongside the photos to share on social media (#OurImperial). They will also be displayed on the large screen in the university main entrance at the South Kensington Campus. In some cases, Imperial’s senior leadership team, including the President, post some of these on social media.

If you would like to be a part of Imperial People, please email the Internal Communications