Staff Briefing contains the following sections:

  • Introduction – Each edition of Staff Briefing has an introduction from a senior member of staff, updating staff on changes and sharing highlights across Imperial.
  • Announcements – Major announcements containing top-level information – e.g. a new policy, chances for staff to provide feedback via surveys or consultations, new resources or guidance, etc.
  • Imperial and Europe – Following the Brexit vote, this section shares any news that affect Higher Education or Imperial’s staff community, and includes news stories from our International Communications team.
  • Advancement update – A look at the impact of connections with alumni, donors and friends of the university on the staff and student communities.
  • News you can use – Updates from the Imperial community e.g. staff networks, health and wellbeing, social events, competitions, training sessions.
  • Forward Look – Looking ahead to upcoming events including lunchtime concerts, lectures and exhibitions.

Contributing content

Please consider the following:

  • What is the purpose of your communication? Do you want staff to take a particular action? Think about the outcome you would like.
  • Who is your audience? Staff Briefing is aimed at staff only. Content should be relevant to either all staff, or a large cross section of staff (e.g. all academic staff).
  • Is the timing right? It is worth thinking about how much notice you want to give staff.
  • Is Staff Briefing the right channel to go with? Bear in mind that all-user emails are reserved for the most important information. 

Writing guidance

  • Email ahead of time if you would like to contribute content. The Internal Communications team will assess whether it is the right fit and work with you to produce copy.
  • Write clearly and concisely – avoid jargon and try to convey your key message in simple terms.
  • Include relevant links and information on how staff can find more information.