event panelIf you are keen to promote an event that you are involved with, the news and media team is happy to discuss strategies you might be able to use to generate interest and engage your audiences.

For example, you might consider recording a lecture so people can watch it online, live-tweeting an event on social media, or writing up a question and answer-style interview with a speaker.

In general, we do not produce reports about events that have taken place. Such stories are of limited interest to those who did not attend and interested audiences may find content such as an online recording of the lecture more useful. 

Exceptions are made for high-level strategic communications campaigns (e.g. the College’s ongoing campaign to promote enterprise, research and innovation on the White City campus).

In some cases, if you speak to us in advance, we may be able to invite journalists to your event, or cover it ourselves if we believe there is a strong angle that we can use to interest a wide audience. This is more likely if you have a well-known public figure speaking, or if a speaker is planning to say something new or controversial.

To discuss communications around your event further, please contact one of the news and media team.

If you need advice on running an event at College, such as a conference, special lecture or symposium, please contact the events team.