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AB - BackgroundInternet of Things (IoT) suffers from vulnerable sensor nodes, which are likely to endure data falsification attacks following physical or cyber capture. Moreover, centralized decision-making and data fusion turn decision points into single points of failure, which are likely to be exploited by smart attackers.MethodsTo tackle this serious security threat, we propose a novel scheme for enabling distributed decision-making and data aggregation through the whole network. Sensor nodes in our scheme act following social learning principles, resembling agents within a social network.ResultsWe analytically examine under which conditions local actions of individual agents can propagate through the network, clarifying the effect of Byzantine nodes that inject false information. Moreover, we show how our proposed algorithm can guarantee high network performance, even for cases when a significant portion of the nodes have been compromised by an adversary.ConclusionsOur results suggest that social learning principles are well suited for designing robust IoT sensor networks and enabling resilience against data falsification attacks.
AU - Rosas,De Andraca F
AU - Chen,K-C
AU - Gunduz,D
DO - 10.1186/s40649-018-0057-7
PY - 2018///
SN - 2197-4314
TI - Social learning for resilient data fusion against data falsification attacks
T2 - Computational Social Networks
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VL - 5
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