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AB - Understanding systems level behaviour of many interacting agents is challenging in various ways. In this review we will focus on how the interaction between components can lead to hierarchical structures with different types of dynamics, or causations, at different levels. We use the Tangled Nature model to discuss the co-evolutionary aspects of the connection between the microscopic level of the individual and the macroscopic systems level. At the microscopic level the individual agent may undergo evolutionary changes due to 'mutations of strategies'. The micro-dynamics always run at a constant rate. Nevertheless, the systems level dynamics exhibit a completely different type of intermittent abrupt dynamics where major upheavals keep throwing the system between metastable configurations. These dramatic transitions are described by a log-Poisson time statistics. The long time effect is a collective adaptation of the ecological networks. We discuss the ecological and macro-evolutionary consequences of the adaptive dynamics and briefly describe work using the Tangled Nature framework to analyse problems in economics, sociology, innovation and sustainability.
AU - Jensen,H
DO - 1361-6404/aaee8f
PY - 2018///
SN - 0143-0807
TI - Tangled nature: A model of emergent structure and temporal mode among co-evolving agents
T2 - European Journal of Physics
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VL - 40
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