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JMC degrees

The JMC degree programme is administered and awarded by the Faculty of Engineering leading to aBEng/MEng honours degree. (Prior to 2011/2012, the JMC degree was administered by Mathematics and the Faculty of Natural Sciences, leading to a BSc/MSci honours degree.)

All degrees in the programme are academically jointly-run by the Computing and Mathematics departments.

Course specific information

Industrial placement

The JMC industrial placement is a 4 month placment that takes place from June to September on the JMC MEng degrees. The placement is organised through the excellent Computing industrial placement team. Please see the Industrial placement homepage for more information or contact the industrial placement team in Computing.

M3T: Communicating Mathematics - Teaching Maths in Schools

M3T is a special course run by the Maths department in M3/JMC3. It counts as one of your Maths options in JMC3. M3T's remit is to encourage high quality teaching of Mathematics by strong mathematics and JMC graduates. A substantial part of M3T is spent on placement at a school and as such pre-registration for this course is required, so that vetting and training can be carried out in advance. Unlike other courses in JMC3, you must register your interest for M3T with the UG Maths Office by the middle of the summer term of JMC2. Registration is usually open from the middle of the Spring term of JMC2. Please see the M3T: Communicating Mathematics information sheet for more details or contact Prof Emma McCoy or Dr Lynda White in Maths.

M4R: Mathematics Individual Project for JMC4

In JMC4, you have the option of taking a final-year individual project in either Maths or Computing departments. As with the Computing, M4R involves a substantial piece of research that lasts 2 terms. Information on M4R is usually given out in the Summer term of JMC3 (often after you have gone on industrial placement). However if you are interested in a Maths project then you need to contact a potential supervisor over the summer of JMC3. Additionally, Maths try to make a few JMC-only M4R projects available on the CATE projects portal in October of JMC4. You should register your interest in taking M4R with the UG Maths Office once you have decided. If you do not take M4R then you must register to take C401J: Computing Individual project for JMC4 as an alternative; these are made available from October of JMC4. Please see the M4 Maths Year page for more information, or contactDr J. Britnell or Dr E. Keaveny in Maths.

Exam preparations

Note that there are exams and tests up to the end of week 11 of the Autumn term and also from the beginning of  week 1 of the Spring term. End-of-year exams run from the beginning of week 1 of the Summer term with project assessments and presentations happening right up to the end of week 11 of the Summer term. Make sure you book your flights accordingly. Term dates can be found on the college website.

Although you might feel you desperately need a break after teaching finishes in March, do the right thing and start preparing for your exams immediately.


If you have any questions, comments, complaints or compliments regarding your year, you can contact Dr Jeremy Bradley. If he can't solve your problem, he will put you in contact with someone who can help you or provide you with the necessary information you need. You can also talk to your Year Rep or your Personal Tutor in Mathematics or Computing. For serious problems, like reporting illness or when your private situation interferes with your studies, the best thing to do is to contact Duncan Gillies or Maria Valera-Espina in the Department of Computing. Please bear in mind that they can always speak up for you at the examiners' meeting (e.g., to explain why your results are not as expected), but to do this, they need to be aware of any major problem that affects those results.

Important notes

  1. Check your mail and email daily.
  2. Classes are normally held between the hours of 09.00 and 18.00. Wednesday afternoons are left free to allow students to take part in sports etc.
  3. All assessed coursework in Computing must be handed in to the Student General Office, Room 345, with a cover sheet printed from Cate. Coursework should not be handed in to the individual lecturers. Unless coursework is handed in on time and is date-stamped as received there is no guarantee that it will be marked. See the Department's Late submission policy for more details. Coursework is an integral part of the course and all work should be retained by the student after it has been marked and returned. Students may be required to re-submit all their courseworks after the written examinations in the summer term so that they can be looked at by the examiners. Courseworks will be returned to students as soon as possible after the final examiners' meeting.
  4. Absence of more than one day must be notified to the Senior Tutor immediately, with an indication of the period likely to be involved. When absence on account of illness exceeds 5 working days, a medical certificate is required, and if part or the whole of an examination is missed on account of illness, a medical certificate must be sent immediately. A medical certificate is also needed where coursework is submitted late for reasons of illness.
  5. Most of the general year information is the same as for the first year (e.g., safety, computing facilities, etc). Consult the First Year home page for more up-to-date information.