In the first year you were not given any choice about the modules you had to take. However, in the second year you are given a little more freedom to specialise your learning. There are still a significant number of modules that you must take, but this year you are given the ability to choose between a small number of selective modules.

Note that you will need to register your chosen modules during the second term.

Required Modules

You are required to take all of the following modules:

  • 202 Algorithms II (autumn term)  [JMC option]
  • 211 Operating Systems  (autumn term)
  • 220 Software Engineering - Design  (autumn term)
  • 240 Models of Computation  (autumn term)  [JMC option]
  • M2SJ Statistical Methods (autum term)  [JMC only]
  • 211 Operating Systems  (spring term)
  • 212 Networks and Communications  (spring term)  [Computing only]
  • 221 Compilers  (spring term)  [JMC option]
  • 245 Probability and Statistics  (spring term) [Computing only]
  • M2AA3 Introduction to Numerical Analysys  (spring term)  [JMC only]
  • 261 Laboratory 2 (autumn and spring terms) including:
    • 261C Advanced Laboratory 2 (autumn and spring terms)  [Computing only]
    • 276 Introduction to Prolog  (spring term)
  • 271 2nd Year Computing Group Project (summer term)
  • 273 An Introduction to Law for Computer Scientists (summer term)

Selective Modules

Computing students are required to take 1 of the following selective modules:

  • 231 Introduction to Model-Based Artificial Intelligence  (spring term)
    • (this module is required for M.Eng Computing - Computation in Biology and Medicine)

  • 233 Computational Techniques  (spring term)  [Computing only]
    • (this module is required for M.Eng Computing - Games, Vision and Interaction)
    • (this module is required for M.Eng Computing - Computational Management)

JMC students have additonal optional modules offered by the Mathematics Department and must select 3 Computing and 2 Mathematics choices from their respective "Selective Modules" lists.

You do not need to finalise your module choices until early February. However, you should take care not to attempt an excessive number of modules as you will find that the workload is too high to manage. I would personally recommend that you try to attend the first lecture of each selective module to help you decide which modules to take.

Registering Module Options

You will need to register the modules you will take for credit in early February. This is done online via the department's internal module registration website. The modules you will take for credit need to be selected at Level 3. You are free to have additional modules registered to accept CATe submissions (Level 2), but you are encouraged to concentrate on your actual credit modules.

Note that on this page you can subscribe to a module's e-mail list and Piazza forum by selecting that module at Level 1 or higher.