A group of students and a lecturer working on a robotic arm during a class

Prizes are rewarded to students based on either their Academic Excellence or Project Specific work. The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. 

Categories include:

  • Final year academic prizes 
  • Final year project prizes 
  • Non-final year academic prizes
  • Group project prizes
  • Industry-sponsored projects 

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2021 - 2022 Group Prizes


Ocado Technology Group Project Prize

Awarded to an Outstanding Third Year Group Project for Software Engineering Excellence. 



James Ball
Pawel Kroll
Jessica Lally
Stefan Radziuk
Sudarshan Sreeram
Andy Wang


Olav Beckmann Project Prize

Awarded annually for outstanding second-year undergraduate laboratory project work (individual or group).


Oliver Killane
Robbie Buxton
Jordan Hall
Archie Licudi
Bartlomiej Cieslar

David Howarth Group Project Award

Awarded for excellence in group projects in third-year undergraduate Computing.

Alex Usher
Yuan Chen
Sophie Elliott
Rohan Gupta
Apoorva Verma
Vincent Wang
Hana Watson 

2021 - 2022 Individual Prizes



Governors' Prize

For the annual award to the final year students with the best overall performance on the BEng Mathematics and Computer Science/MEng Mathematics and Computer Science.

Manuj Mishra
Alyssa Renata
Aporva Varshney
Tristan Wride

The Distinguished Final Year Project Prize

Awarded to a final year student for an outstanding final year individual project in the Department of Computing.

Theo Charalambous


The Centenary Prize

Awarded annually to a final year undergraduate student for outstanding overall performance.

Wilson Chua 


Adrian Israel Memorial Prize

Awarded annually for excellence in the first year.


Steven Chen 


Joint Honours Mathematics and Computer Science First, Second, and Third Year Prizes

Awarded for excellence in the first, second and third year of the JMC.

Zhanrong Qiao

Vlad Coroian

Andrew Elkadi 

Zlatina Mileva

ARM Project Prize

For the annual award to an undergraduate student for an outstanding individual project in the area of computer systems

 Rini Banerjee

The Aspect Capital Project Prize

Awarded for an outstanding final year undergraduate individual project.
Sponsored by Aspect Capital

Kamil Bujel 

Huawei Compiler Project Prize

Awarded to a final year student for an outstanding final year project on compilers.
Sponsored by Huawei

Arran O'Sullivan 

IBM Prize

Awarded for outstanding achievement in an individual project by an undergraduate student in the Department of Computing
Sponsored by IBM

Alyssa Renata 

Microsoft Prize

Awarded to a final year student in the Department of Computing for the outstanding individual project.
Sponsored by Microsoft

Arjun Banerjee 

Solidatus Project Prize

Solidatus prize for a remarkable fourth-year project – For a student who has demonstrated a novel academic solution with an intuitive presentation (e.g. slick demo, visualisations, charts, or diagrams etc.)

Deepro Choudhury 

Wilson Chua

Splunk Prize

An excellent undergraduate individual project in the area of data science and machine learning
Sponsored by Splunk

Avril Wong Hui Ning 

The Winton Capital Applied Undergraduate Project Computing Prize

Awarded to a final year undergraduate student for an outstanding individual project in applied computing.
Sponsored by Winton Capital


Calin Biberea
Aporva Varshney

Corporate Partnership Programme Award

Departmental Award for Excellence in Project Work.

Bruno da Rocha Paiva
Clara Lebbos
Nicolas D'Cotta
Dominic Rusch
Aditya Goel
Casey Williams
Matyas Horkay
Mayank Sharma
Hasan Mohsin
Manuj Mishra
Amelia Khavari
Tristan Wride

CGCA & Old Centralians' Trust: Student Activity Awards

Awarded to the students judged by the Senior Tutor & HoD to be most active in student affairs.

Lizzie Williams

Henry Johnson Memorial Prize

For the annual award to the undergraduate or postgraduate student of the Department of Computing who has shown the greatest endeavour in pursuit of their studies.

Reece Jackson


For the annual award to up to ten non-final year students of each of the departments of Computing, Mathematics and Physics for academic excellence.

Pratyaksh Sharma
Dhruv Jimulia
Ruchit Tandon
Jyry Hjelt
Xingjian Xie
Yitang Chen
Omran Arzomand
Archie Licudi
Shiv Bhatia
Tony Liu

Well-being Award

The well-being award is a new award set by the Computing Department to recognise the excellent contribution to the improvement and promotion of the well-being of our student community. 

Prabhjot Grewal
Arjun Banerjee