Date updated: 4 October 2021

The following principles underpin the reopening of the activities in the Department:

  1. The safety and wellbeing of students and staff is paramount and as such all staff and students in the department are asked to respect each other and the college and department guidelines.
  2. Specific teaching events, study, and laboratory-based research carried out on campus will be determined by HoD /DUGs/DPS and prioritized for on-campus delivery. Remote learning will continue to be offered, and study spaces should be used within the scope of the departmental guidelines.
  3. Adherence to government guidelines is mandatory within the operations of the Department of Computing. Please find the most recent advice here.

If you feel unwell or display any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19,

  • Do not attend campus.
  • Ask for a Covid test on the NHS website.
  • If the test is positive, do not attend campus until you have fully recovered after a minimum of 10 days.
  • If the test is negative, you may attend campus when you are well enough to do so.
  • If you are fully vaccinated in the UK and wish to ensure that your work or studies are not interrupted by being asked to self-isolate as a close contact, you will need to complete a short vaccination status form on MyImperial.
  • If you develop symptoms whilst on campus, go home immediately and take a test as soon as possible.
  • Anyone who tests positive should inform, as soon as possible, Departmental Health and Safety Officer, Clodagh Sheehan (csheehan@ic.ac.uk) with a copy to the Department Operations Manager Anne O’Neill (a.oneill@imperial.ac.uk).

Relevant guidelines and risk assessments are published by the Department.

All staff and students should activate the Safezone app on their mobile device while they are on campus, and if lone working is permitted for their activities activate the ‘check-in feature’.

Rules and guidelines cannot cover all eventualities and incidents, so common sense must be applied. Everyone should always respect the safety and wellbeing of others, maintain social distancing, and behave in a way that enables and encourages others to do the same.

How to access the department:

How to access the department:

Access to study/research space:

All Students will need to fully understand:

Prior to first access:

Asymptomatic Testing: The college is providing asymptomatic testing for all staff and students and information prior to arrival. If you are returning to campus for the first time, you will need to have a test before returning. If you have COVID-19 symptoms – even if they are very mild – you must arrange a test through the NHS and not go to college.

Department operational information:

Emergencies and Evacuations:

  • In the event of an emergency Dial 4444 from any internal phone or 020 7589 1000 on an external line. This is faster and more efficient than dialing the emergency services directly and is supported 24 hours. When on campus, do not dial 999.
  • Use the SafeZone app – this links directly to the Security Control room.
  • In the event of a fire alarm, evacuate per the usual Fire Safety protocol. Maintain social distancing if possible but any one-way systems need not be observed.

Once in the Department:

  • Familiarise yourself early with any new markings (e.g locations of hand sanitiser and first aid kits)
  • Social distancing should be maintained and the rules and expectations set out here should be followed. Regular handwashing and hand hygiene is required while on campus.

Prior to arrival in the department:

  1. Prior to your first arrival in the Department:
  • Ensure you are familiar with and follow all requirements stated on this webpage.
  • Arrange for asymptomatic testing. This practice, e.g. taking two LFT tests per week when visiting campus, should be maintained prior to each of your visits on campus.
  • Download and use the SafeZone app.
  • Contact Clodagh Sheehan (c.sheehan@imperial.ac.uk) to arrange the collection of a Welcome Pack (which will include simple cotton face coverings, sanitiser gel and sanitising wipes)

Reporting of COVID-19 cases:

This outlines our local arrangements to align with the College’s COVID-19 procedures.

Summary of the table's contents

Below is an outline of the procedure that the department will follow on receiving information regarding a staff member or student who has COVID-19 symptoms and/or had a positive COVID-19 test and who has been in the department while considered to be at risk of being infectious. This risk is considered to start 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms (irrespective of positive test result date) or 48 hours prior to date of positive test if no symptoms.

The Head of Department or Department Operations Manager will:

A. Contact the relevant Responsible Person(s)
i. confirming the situation and identifying any additional cleaning requirements (as a minimum wipe down of touch points will be recommended) and any implementation plan required for cleaning.
ii. Ask them to confirm the information on the booking system is up to date and accurate – if not correct information for the at-risk period should be provided.

Reporting COVID-19 Cases:

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you need to request an NHS test and self-isolate. Others in your household should self-isolate also. If someone in your household has symptoms you also need to self-isolate for 10 days.
  • You should follow the guidance and rules in the "I have tested positive for COVID-19" part of this college page.
  • Students should inform their supervisors and use My Imperial to both log absence and to provide contact information to CCH hub. For detailed information on how to proceed please follow the appropriate flow charts from the College COVID-19 Contact Tracing Hub.
  • The department, once informed of positive Covid cases of persons who have been on-site during the infectious period, will follow the procures outlined in the Departmental policy for COVID 19 cases document.

The Head of Department or Department Operations Manager will:

  1. Contact the relevant Responsible Person(s)
    1. confirming the situation and identifying any additional cleaning requirements (as a minimum wipe down of touch points will be recommended) and any implementation plan required for cleaning.
    2.  Ask them to confirm the information on the booking system is up to date and accurate – if not correct information for the at-risk period should be provided.
    3. Confirm any departmental teaching locations (via the the Senior tutor) that have been used for the at risk period3 and identify any additional cleaning requirements (wipe down of communal touch points will be recommended)
    4. Support the provision of information to the College CCT Hub in relation to workplace contacts referring to booking information from the system or timetable/student groups from the Senior tutor.
    5. Review multimode teaching arrangements in line with the College framework.

Depending on the circumstances, the following actions may also be required:

-  Closure of space/teaching space where it has been identified as a common factor in a cluster of Covid cases or for any other reason as identified by LRP/HOD

-  Communication to the Department confirming that a member has tested positive. Without identifying individuals, confirm that contacts have already been informed, the relevant areas and actions taken to prevent further spread and remind members of the Department to continue to follow College and department guidelines.


  • The use of lifts should be avoided – use stairs wherever possible. The use of lifts is restricted to those with disabilities, those with difficulties in using stairs or those carrying heavy or large loads.
  • Drinking and eating are best conducted outside, when possible. Drinking and eating are strictly forbidden in laboratories, teaching spaces, and workshops.
  • Be cautious when entering toilets and follow the guidance posted on the doors. Make sure that you maintain social distancing if you need to queue outside.