Ethics in AI
A public debate on the social and ethical implications of AI and how we can create a positive future for the sake of our citizens and humanity.

Ethics in AI

The Department of Computing hosted a public event on 26 January 2018 on the subject 'Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI)'. It is an important subject, with AI not only a new frontier in business and technology but also in ethics and risk assessment.

The event featured a debate on social and ethical implications of AI, what the world will look like in the next ten years and how we can make sure it goes in a positive direction for the sake of our citizens and humanity in general. Chaired by Ian Sample, Science Editor of the Guardian, the event involved experts in AI, ethics, philosophy, theology and public policy, including:

  • Reverend Dr Malcolm Brown, Church of England
  • Professor Andrew Blake, Head of Research of the Alan Turning Institute
  • Dr Joanna Bryson, University of Bath, AXA Awardee for Responsible AI
  • Reema Patel, Co-investigator, RSA-DeepMind Project, 'The Role of Citizens in Developing Ethical AI'
  • Professor Maja Pantic, Affective Computing, Imperial College

The ethical implications of using AI in everything from detecting people, optimising logistics, providing translations and even composing art was explored - highlighting how artificial intelligence systems are not only changing what and how we are doing business but also transforming who we are.