This page lists some of the most commonly used Departmental mailing lists sorted by category. In order to prevent junk mail, most of these lists can only be emailed to from within the Department.

There is an auto-generated list of all mailing lists in the Department.

If you are planning to email one of these lists, please stop and think before doing so. These lists reach large numbers of people in the Department. Many people become irritated when receiving lots of "I've lost my..." and "For sale..." messages. If you are a student, you must have the permission of the Senior Tutor before emailing the vast majority of these lists.

If you would like to create a new mailing list, please check the ICT Mailman web-page. If you simply require a new mailing alias of the form, please contact us through our department helpdesk. Note that the domain is now frozen, only existing for backwards compatibility.




Everyone in DoC, staff and students
(only use when essential)

All staff in DoC, academic and non-academic

All teaching staff

All academic staff

All departmental administrative staff

All research administrative staff

All Computing Support Group staff

CSG request system

All Research Associates/assistants

All Teaching Fellows

Technical Services

Professional Services (PSF)

PhD students

Everyone with an office in William Penney

Everyone with an office on WPL level 2 (etc)

Everyone with an office on Huxley

Everyone with an office on Huxley level 4 (etc)


Note that EIE (Electronic and Information Engineering) lists are only available for second years and up, since DoC do not teach EIE1..



All undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research students

All students (and staff) on lecture course XXX

Just the staff on lecture course XXX


All undergraduates

All first year undergraduates

All second year undergraduates

All third year undergraduates

All fourth year undergraduates

All Computing Science undergraduates

All first year CS undergraduates

All second year CS undergraduates

All third year CS undergraduates

All fourth year CS undergraduates

All Joint Maths and Computing undergraduates

All first year JMC undergraduates

All second year JMC undergraduates

All third year JMC undergraduates

All fourth year JMC undergraduates

All Electronic and Information Engineering undergraduates *

All second year EIE undergraduates

All third year EIE undergraduates

All fourth year EIE undergraduates


All postgraduates, including PhD students

All MSc students (taught postgraduates)

MSc Advanced Computing postgraduates

MSc Computing Science (Generalist) postgraduates

MSc Computing Science (Specialist) postgraduates

MRes HiPEDS postgraduates

MRes Advanced Computing (non-HiPEDS) postgraduates

MRes AI and Machine Learning postgraduates

Industrial MSc postgraduates

All PhD students