Neil I graduated from the Department of Computing at Imperial in the summer of 2007 and went straight into a job working as a Software Engineer at Google in London.

The opportunities I've received over the past 5 years have been incredible.

At Google I've been working on a great product for the past year. I've also contributed to Picasa web albums, Google's core infrastructure, spent 20% of my time working on open source projects I care about, travelled to California and Zurich and hosted a number of "Open Source Jam" events at Google's offices. 

During my time at  Imperial I also spent 2 summers at IBM working as a Software Engineer in Test, once for a summer internship and once for the 6 month industrial placement as a part of the 4 year MEng course.

The industrial placement and forth year at Imperial really cemented my passion for Computer Science and gave me the knowledge and industrial experience needed to join the software industry.

The quality of the education in the department is second to none. The focus on core Computer Science has given me the confidence and ability to work on numerous software projects, learn new  kills and study the the subjects that I'm interested in. The course isn't just about programming, the education is timeless, I know it will help me for the rest of my career.


Neil Dunn

Name: Neil Dunn

Job: Software Engineer

Company: Google, London

Graduated: MEng Computing (2007)