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Prizes are rewarded to students based on either their Academic Excellence or Project Specific work. The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. 

Categories include:

  • Final year academic prizes 
  • Final year project prizes 
  • Non-final year academic prizes
  • Group project prizes
  • Distinguished projects
  • Industry-sponsored projects 

Undergraduate prize winners, distinguished projects and reports

Prizes are rewarded to students based on either their Academic Excellence or Project Specific work. The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. Additional projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status. A description of each prize can be found below the prize's title and the award-winning student(s) will be named alongside their supervisor. In most cases, the relevant project reports can be downloaded electronically.

Undergraduate prize winners, distinguished projects and reports

2019 - 2020 Distinguished Projects

Project StatusWinners


Distinguished projects

Projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status.


Michal Pandy, Unsupervised Path Regression Networks‌ (PDF)

James Tavernor, Cross-corpus Speech and Textual Emotion Learning for Psychotherapy (PDF)

Christopher Battarbee, Profile-Guided Optimization using Database techniques (PDF)

Natalia Arciuchiewicz, Optimised small-matrix linear algebra in Firedrake (PDF)

Boris Barath, ML Code Completion (PDF)

Samuel Brotherton, Exploring a new time series prediction algorithm (PDF)

Dragon Musan, Leveraging Non-Fungible Tokens (PDF)

Hang Li Li, Serverless Data Pipelines (PDF)

Boaz Francis, Operational Semantics for Distributed Atomic Transactions (PDF)

Julien Amblard, Using Answer Set Grammars for Text summarisation (PDF)

Edward Stow, Code generation for CNNs for an analogue SIMD image sensor(PDF)

Isaac Hutt, Mobile Medical Image Analysis (PDF)

Harry Brown, An aggregated sparse matrix factorisation model for market trading (PDF)

Ben Dixon,  Deep Learning Based Facial Area Analysis For Deepfake Video Detection (PDF)

Thomas Yung, Accelerating XD-GRASP MRImage Reconstruction (PDF)

Nikolay Smirnov, A Complex Systems Approach to Ecology: from Time-series Population Data (PDF)

Toma Popov, Bringing the World Tennis Number to Life (International Tennis Federation) (PDF)

Athithan Dharmaratnam, Data Mining Calibration Points from Oilfield Documents (PDF)

Naman Wahi, Decoding Brain Signals to Assess the Perception of Music in Psychedelic State (PDF)

Thomas Claydon, Modelling the Effects of Social Products and Other Factors on Information Flow (PDF)

Mehdi Hossain, Using Register Packing for Small Sparse Matrix Multiplication (PDF)

Leszek Nowaczyck, Energio: A New Hardware-based Energy Benchmark Platform to Develop Energy Rating (PDF)

Padmanaba Srinivasan, Machine Learning for the Analysis and Prediction of Film Performance (Filmchain) (PDF)

2019 - 2020 Group Prizes


IBM 2nd year group project prize

Awarded to a second-year project group for the best third term project.

Aditya Goel 
(MEng Computing Year 2)
Arjun Banerjee (MEng Computing Year 2)
Mayank Sharma (MEng Computing Year 2)
Rini Banerjee (MEng JMC Year 2)


Olav Beckmann Project Prize

Awarded annually for outstanding second-year undergraduate laboratory project work (individual or group).

Andreas Casapu 
(MEng Computing Year 2)
Bruno Da Rocha Paiva (MEng JMC Year 2)
Judicael Clair (MEng JMC Year 2)
Ruiyang (Jason) Xu (MEng JMC Year 2)


Palantir Forward Group Project Prize

Awarded to an outstanding third-year group project for software engineering excellence applied to solve an important real-world problem.
Sponsored by Palantir

Daniel Hails (MEng Computing Year 3)
Harry Black (MEng Computing Year 3)
James Dalboth (MEng Computing Year 3)
Matthew Ho (MEng Computing Year 3)
Matthew Malarkey (MEng Computing Year 3)
Neil Sayers (MEng Computing Year 3)


David Howarth Group Project Prize

Awarded for excellence in group projects in the third-year.

Alexander Harkness (MEng Computing Year 3)
Giovanni Caruso (MEng Computing Year 3)
Iurii Maksymets (MEng Computing Year 3)
Moritz Langenstein (MEng Computing Year 3)
Muhammed Rahman (MEng Computing Year 3)
Tiger Wang (MEng Computing Year 3)

Supervisor:  Dr. Holger Pirk


Corporate Partnership Programme Prize for Technical Innovation

Awarded for outstanding achievement by a computing student in their final year.

Benito Echarren Serrano (MEng Computing Year 4)
Nested Multiparty Session Programming in Go
Supervisor: Prof 
Nobuko Yoshida

Corporate Partnership Programme Prize

The departmental prize for excellence in project work.


Alexis Marinoiu (MEng Computing Year 4)
Continuous Reasoning for Real-World Program Analysis Tools
Aurel Bílý (MEng Computing Year 4)
Modern Garbage Collector for HashLink and its Formal Verification

Calin Farcas (MEng Computing Year 4)
An Investigation into Adding Exception Handling to Haskell
Dmitrii Usynin (MEng Computing Year 4)
Ross Irwin (MEng Computing Year 4)

2019 - 2020 Individual Prizes



Governors' Prize

For the annual award to the final year students with the best overall performance on the BEng Computing/MEng Computing /BSci Maths and Computing/MSci Maths and Computing degree programmes.

Zelie Everest (BEng JMC Year 3)
Hashan Punchihewa (BEng Computing Year 3)
David Angdinata (MEng JMC Year 4)
Jordan Spooner (MEng Computing Year 4)


The Centenary Prize

Awarded annually to a final year undergraduate student for outstanding overall performance.

Hashan Punchihewa (BEng Computing Year 3)


Departmental Prizes for Excellence

Awarded to final year students for outstanding overall performance.


Aleksandar Cherganski (MEng Computing Year 4)
Christopher Battarbee (MEng Computing Year 4)
Hang Li Li (MEng Computing Year 4)
Mayeul Fournial (MEng JMC Year 4)
Michal Pandy (MEng Computing Year 3)
Natalia Arciuchiewicz (MEng JMC Year 4)
Rishi Rabheru (MEng Computing Year 4)
Toma Popov (MEng JMC Year 4)


Adrian Israel Memorial Prize

Awarded annually for excellence in the first year.


Kaiyan Fan (MEng Computing Year 1)


Joint Maths and Computer Science Departmental Prizes

Awarded for excellence in the first, second and third year of the JMC.

Nicholas Duer (MEng JMC Year 1)

Aporva Varshney (MEng JMC Year 2)
Hannah Schlueter (MEng JMC Year 3)

G-Research Ltd Prize

Awarded annually to up to ten non-final year students of each of the departments of Computing, Mathematics and Physics for academic excellence.

Adam Dejl (MEng Computing Year 2)
Arran O'Sullivan (MEng Computing Year 1)
Codrin Cotarlan (MEng Computing Year 1)
Matthew Baugh (MEng Computing Year 3)
Moritz Langenstein (MEng Computing Year 3)
Ram Popat (MEng Computing Year 3)
Stefano Milizia (MEng Computing Year 2)
Thomas Cobley (MEng Computing Year 1)
Tristan Wride (MEng Computing Year 2)
William Burr (MEng Computing Year 3)

The Aspect Capital Project Prize

Awarded for an outstanding final year undergraduate individual project.
Sponsord by Aspect Capital


Anson Miu (MEng Computing Year 4)
Type-safe Web Programming Using Routed Multiparty Session Types in TypeScript
‌Supervised by Prof. Nobuko Yoshida.

Microsoft Prize

Awarded to a final year student in the Department of Computing for the outstanding individual project.
Sponsored by Microsoft

 Jordan Spooner (MEng Computing Year 4)
Using Answer Set Grammars to Learn Commonsense Knowledge for Hard Coreferencing 

Supervisor: Prof. Alessandra Russo

The Winton Capital Applied Undergraduate Project Computing Prize

Awarded to a final year undergraduate student for an outstanding individual project in applied computing.
Sponsored by Winton Capital


Joel Oksanen (BEng Computing Year 3)
Explanations for Review Aggregations with Argumentative Dialogical Agents
Supervisor:  Prof. Francesca Toni

Pablo Gorostiaga Belio (MEng Computing Year 4)
Imitation Learning with Visual Attention for Robot Control
Supervisor:  Dr. Edward Johns

Donald Davies Prize

Awarded annually to JMC students who produce the best final year individual project.

 David Angdinata (MEng JMC Year 4)
Arithmetic statistics for elliptic curves
Supervisor:  Prof Toby Gee

Isaac van Bakel (MEng JMC Year 4)

Formalising Pony's capabilities with regions
Supvervisor:  Prof. Sophia Drossopoulou 

Postgraduate prize winners, distinguished projects and reports

The project prizes are awarded to the student, or students producing the best individual projects, as judged by a prize committee. Additional projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status. The prize-winning and distinguished projects are listed below. In most cases, the reports can be downloaded electronically.

Postgraduate prize winners

2018-19 Distinguished projects

Project StatusWinners


Distinguished projects

Projects that are outstanding in terms of technical achievement and presentation are awarded "Distinguished" status.


Dur, Tolga, MSc Computing, Parallel Gaussian Processes for Optimal Sensor Placement‌ (PDF)

Mack, Julian, MSc Computing (Machine Learning), Attention-based Convolutional Autoencoders for 3D-Variational Data Assimilation (PDF)

Soerensen, Emil, MSc Computing, AIGVA AI Generated Video Annotation (PDF)

Roques, Olivier, MSc Computing (Security and Reliability), Detecting Malware in TLS Traffic (PDF)

Guillard, Benoit, MSc Advanced Computing, Optimising convolutional neural networks for super fast inference on focal-plane (PDF)

Zheng, Jiali, MSc Computing, Geometric Deep Learning with 3D Facial Motion (PDF)

Henriksen, Patrick, MSc Computing (AI), Efficient Neural Network Verification via Adaptive Refinement (PDF)

Sowinska, Karolina, MSc Computing, Multi-View Learning Approaches for Stock Return Prediction with Tweets‌ (PDF)

Makrigiorgos, Alex, MSc Computing (AI), Improving Autonomous Driving Agents using Bio-Inspired Visual Attention (PDF)

Kaddour, Jean, MSc Advanced Computing, PATA Probabilistic Active Task Acquisition (PDF)

Wu, Zixiu, MSc Advanced Computing, Probing the Role of Video Context in Multimodal Machine Translation with Source  (PDF)

Barbaroux, Hugo, MSc Computing (Machine Learning), Spherical CNN for Imaging on Alzheimer’s Disease (PDF)

Laignelet, Alexis, MSc Computing (Machine Learning), Deep Learning of High-dimensional Partial Differential Equations (PDF)

Lim, Clavance, MSc Computing, An Evaluation of Machine Learning Approaches to Natural Language Processing for (PDF)

Lewis, Robert, MSc Computing, Deep collaborative filtering models with audiovisual content-aware algorithms (PDF)

Tobis, Nicolas, MSc Computing, Federated Machine Learning A Distributed Approach to Pain Expression Recognition (PDF)

2018-19 Sponsored Prizes


MSc Computing/MSc Specialism Group project prize to be awarded to the MSc Computing group 


• Fisch, Martin 
• Messner, Joern
• Tajnafoi, Gabor 
• Todd, Kevin 
• Westmore, Jack

Corporate Partnership Programme Commendation for Group Project to be awarded to the MSc Computing group 


• Chow, Andrew 
• Ahn, Jong 
• Cai, Philip 
• Du, Zheng 
• Sa, Katie 
• Wong, Jeng 

Academic Excellence Awards sponsored by The Department of Computing Corporate Partnership Programme (CPP). Students with Distinction with top exam averages in their cohort


MSc Computing Specialisms:
• Gao, Kang, M.Sc in Computing (Machine Learning)
• Christodoulou, Petros, M.Sc in Computing (Machine Learning)
• Chaikunsaeng, Sirapoab, M.Sc in Computing (Visual Computing and Robotics)

MSc Computing:
• Fisch, Martin

The Winton Capital Prize for the Best MSc Advanced Computing Student
• Guillard, Benoit Postgraduate Project Prize: For annual award to the best MSc Blockchain/Cryptocurrency-related project

Croal, Jack, MSc Advanced Computing project: Security of Proof-of-Stake Blockchains


Winton Capital Applied Computing MSc Prizes


MSc Advanced Computing:

  • Guillard, Benoit

MSc Computing:

  • Soerensen, Emil

One Corporate Partnership Programme Individual Project Prize

 MSc Computing Specialisms:

  •  Roques, Olivier 

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