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  • Duration: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days
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    - Professionals £445 per day/£1850 for all 5 days
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Fuel cells are an emerging technology, and are again becoming of interest to a wide range of companies and other stakeholders.  Imperial College has an international reputation across the fuel cell field, and can offer theoretical and experimental training in a wide variety of aspects of fuel cell technology, including underlying principals, technology status, and manufacturing, characterisation and testing methods. The course will be offered as five one day modules, which can be taken as one or more options.

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Course aims

Each day has a separate aims:

Day 1: Introduction to FC technology and current status

  • To provide a grounding in the underlying principals and theory of fuel cells
  • To provide an overview of current technology status
  • To describe the current and emerging role of fuel cells in the energy system


Day 2: SOFC processing

  • To introduce SOFC materials and designs
  • To provide an overview of processes used for SOFC manufacturing
  • To provide laboratory training in SOFC processing


Day 3: Polymer FC processing

  • To introduce PEFC materials and designs
  • To provide an overview of processes used for PEFC manufacturing
  • To provide laboratory training in PEFC processing


Day 4: FC characterisation

  • To introduce fuel cell characterisation and analysis methods
  • To provide laboratory training in selected fuel cell characterisation methods


Day 5: FC testing

  • To introduce fuel cell testing and analysis methods
  • To provide laboratory training in putting together and operating a fuel cell test

Who should attend?

The course is designed for technical staff working in the fuel cell or energy sector, and for those interested in fuel cell application and development. Day 1 is also suitable for non-technical delegates.

Benefits of attending

Participants will be able to: understand the principals of fuel cell operation; develop an appreciation of current technology status and the role that fuel cell technologies can play in current and emerging energy systems; develop theoretical and practical skills in fabricating, characterising and testing fuel cells.

Course methods

The course consists of lectures and hands-on practical sessions.


All participants will be awarded an Imperial College London Certificate of Attendance on completion of the course.