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Jess Stiles graduated from Texas A&M with High Honors in Petroleum Engineering before joining Exxon USA's East Texas Division where he worked for two years in reservoir engineering before transferring to Exxon's overseas organisation in 1970. Reservoir engineering assignments followed in Libya and Malaysia.

In Malaysia he was responsible for reservoir engineering work associated with development of Esso's discoveries in the South China Sea. He moved to London in 1977 where he was involved in a wide range of reservoir engineering and reservoir management activities for large North Sea fields.

Most of his experience has been with fluid displacement processes in large, stratified fields, and this has led to a keen interest in all aspects of reservoir characterisation, but particularly in permeability distribution and relative permeability.

At the time he left Esso in 1992 to become an independent reservoir engineering consultant, he had reached the executive position of Senior Technical Advisor on Exxon's Professional Ladder.

Since becoming a consultant he has been involved with reservoir engineering and reservoir management problems in other major fields in the U.K. and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, and this has often required detailed review of special core analysis results.

A comprehensive manual accompanies the course which includes numerous examples from the North Sea and elsewhere in the world.