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  • Uses and importance of accurate special core analysis results in reservoir engineering calculations
  • Key challenges in using results.


  • Wettability concepts and measurement techniques
  • Types of wettability
  • Factors which affect reservoir wettability and how natural wettability can inadvertently be altered during core handling
  • Wettability restoration

Validating SCAL Data

  • What to look for during review of SCAL reports
  • A systematic approach to data validation
  • Review checklists

Use of Capillary Pressure to Define Connate Water Saturation

  • Measurement techniques
  • Shortcomings of air-mercury data
  • Adjusting laboratory data to reservoir conditions
  • Correlation techniques
  • Reconciling with data from other sources

Water-Oil Relative Permeability

  • Measurement methods and techniques
  • Wettability considerations
  • Importance of test procedures and test conditions
  • Special problems with intermediate wettability reservoirs
  • Refining laboratory results
  • Integrating, grouping and averaging

Gas-Oil Relative Permeability

  • Measurement techniques
  • Differences between gas-oil and water-oil data
  • Critical gas saturation
  • Efficient gravity drainage mechanism and extending oil relative permeability curves

Residual Oil Saturation

  • Ambiguity and alternative definitions
  • Difficulties in determining
  • Estimating from relative permeability data
  • Effect of wettability

Reservoir Characterisation

  • Examples of relationships between relative permeability and other rock characteristics
  • Characterisation techniques for differentiating rock types and assigning results to those rock types

While the primary objective of the course is to prepare reservoir engineers and/or geologists to validate and use existing results, it will be invaluable to those faced with the responsibility of formulating a special core analysis programme for a new well or field.

The potential savings in avoiding expensive programmes yielding unreliable or questionable results are significant.