Provisional schedule

Day 1
Registration and Welcome  
09.00‑09.10 Introduction to the Course  
09.10‑09.45 Is food allergy on the increase?  
09.45‑10.20 Review of mechanisms – what is new?  
10.20‑10.35 Break  
10.35‑11.05 Food allergy in children - which foods? Q&A  
11.05‑11.35 Food allergy in adults – are the triggers different? Q&A  
11.35‑12.15 Diagnosis - it starts with the history (role play)  
12.15‑12.55 Allergy tests - an overview and guide (interactive session with cases)  
12.55‑13.55 Lunch break*
13.55‑14.55 Oral Food Challenges – practical session focussing on the logistics and challenge materials to include home challenges  
14.55‑15.35 Public health issues and food allergy  
15.35‑15.50 Break  
15.50‑16.30 Diagnosis – the nuts and bolts – guided learning in pairs  
16.30‑16.45 Assignment Briefing and concluding remarks – Day 1  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
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Day 2
Medical management in children – differential diagnosis, medication, anaphylaxis guidelines, treatment of concomitant allergic conditions, transition into adult care  
09.45‑10.35 Dietary Management in Children: From breast to bottle to food – practical session with Q&A   
10.35‑10.50 Break  
10.50‑11.20 A practical guide to the reintroduction of milk, egg and nuts  
11.20‑12.05 Medical management in adults –transition into adult care, treatment of concomitant allergic conditions, managing non-compliance  
12.05‑12.35 Do adults need a dietary management plan?  
12.35‑13.35 Lunch break*  
13.35‑14.20 The gut microbiome and pre/pro biotics  
14.20‑15.05 Prevent allergy – eat food!  
15.05‑15.15 Break  
15.15‑16.00 Practical approach to nutrition and  dietary diversity  
16.00‑16.45 Immunotherapy and other ‘blue sky’ treatment options  
16.4517.00 Wrap up session and Close  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
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