5 - 7 February 2018

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Fees Medical Doctors:
    3 day Specialist Modules - £600
    Optional assessment for specialist modules - £250
  • Fees Nurses/Allied Health Professionals:
    3 day Specialist Modules - £375
    Optional assessment for specialist modules- £250
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Approval sought from the Royal College of Physicians for 18 credits.

This module discusses the scientific background for blood pressure and cholesterol and its application to the prevention and treatment of CVD with pharmacological therapies. The module aims to identify and evaluate best practice in the use of prophylactic drug therapies in the prevention of CVD. It explores the associated clinical outcome data associated with best-practice and explores the current health care structure and policies that govern current practice. 

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Brief outline of content

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • The role of salt/potassium in management of blood pressure
  • Drug treatment of hypertension
  • Approaches to resistant hypertension
  • Managing high blood pressure in the elderly
  • Drug treatment of dyslipidaemia: focus on LDL-cholesterol
  • Treatment of dyslipidaemia: beyond LDL-C lowering
  • Approaches to the primary dyslipidaemias
  • The role of antiplatelet therapy
  • Compliance/adherence with medication
  • Approaches to polypharmacy and drug interactions