12 - 15 March 2018

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  • Duration: 4 days
  • Fees Medical Doctors:
    - 4 day Specialist Modules - £800
    Optional assessment for specialist modules - £250
  • Fees Nurses/Allied Health Professionals:
    - 4
     day Specialist Modules - £500
    Optional assessment for specialist modules- £250
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This module aims to critically review the evidence base for the role of physical inactivity in the aetiology of CVD.

Students will also evaluate how the evidence base for physical activity can be translated into practical strategies to help reduce CVD.

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Brief outline of content

  • The global scale of inactivity
  • The evidence for physical activity and fitness in CVD prevention
  • Assessing physical activity and fitness
  • Risk stratification for exercise
  • Heart rate, METS and rating of perceived exertion
  • Sub-maximal exercise testing and its application to practice
  • Exercise programming including resistance training
  • Individualised one to one, group based and home based physical activity and exercise programming
  • Evaluation and outcome measures


Coursework submission:  Monday 30th April 

June presentations: SR1 or SR2 - Weds 13th  / Thurs 14th June