21 - 23 March 2018

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Fees Medical Doctors:
    3 day Specialist Modules - £600
    Optional assessment for specialist modules - £250
  • Fees Nurses/Allied Health Professionals:
    3 day Specialist Modules - £375
    Optional assessment for specialist modules- £250
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Approval sought from the Royal College of Physicians for 18 credits

This module examines in details the methods and tools available (and their historical context) to estimate cardiovascular risk.

A comparison in the use and accuracy of a variety of methods are explored from the World Health Organization, Europe and within the UK as well as emerging concepts such as Heart-Age and Lifetime risk.

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Brief outline of content

  • The principles of total CVD risk assessment
  • Risk estimation tools - the pearls and pitfalls
  • WHO
  • JBS4
  • JBS2
  • QRISK and QRISK2
  • Lifetime risk and Heart age approaches
  • Bio-indicators of risk
  • National screening programmes
  • Telemedicine in screening


Coursework submission:  Monday 14th May