19 - 22 February 2018

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  • Duration: 4 days
  • Fees Medical Doctors:
    - 4 day Specialist Modules - £800
    Optional assessment for specialist modules - £250
  • Fees Nurses/Allied Health Professionals:
    4 day Specialist Modules - £500
    Optional assessment for specialist modules- £250
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Approval sought from the Royal College of Physicians for 24 credits

This module looks at the guidelines, policy and legislation in relation to Tobacco.

Smoking cessation strategies are explored in detail.

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Brief outline of content

  • History of smoking, worldwide statistics and variations
  • Why is smoking cessation work necessary?
  • Profiles and three stages of smokers
  • Forms of smoking cessation therapy
  •  Is there one successful method? 
  • The role of support in smoking cessation
  • The role as educator 
  • Personal attitude to smoking
  • Smoking cessation techniques
  • Smoking cessation and hypnotherapy
  • Running a smoking cessation group
  • Running one to one sessions
  • Literature review of smoking cessation programmes


Coursework submission:  Friday 13th April

Presentations: Wednesday 13th June