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  • Duration: 5 days
  • Fees:
    -  Medical Doctors -  £985
    Nurses and AHPs - £750

        Assessment (optional) - £250

  • Location - Hammersmith Campus

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Module Leader:


Dr Aaron Lett

Teaching Fellow - Diabetes and Obesity

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction, Imperial College London

Dr Aaron M. Lett is a Research and Teaching Fellow within the Section for Nutrition Research, Imperial College London. He is pathway lead for Diabetes and Obesity, and interim co-pathway lead for Human Nutrition on the MRes Clinical Research programme, a role he combines with research within the Section for Nutrition Research.

Through a primarily applied in vivo human and evidence synthesis approach, his principal academic interests centre around food structure, gastrointestinal function and metabolic response.

He has a particular interest in the interplay between micro and macro food structure (with experience in complex, multiphase colloids) and metabolic response in relation to glucose homeostasis and appetite. Particularly his research looks to understand and exploit, through food design, the transformative phenomena of foods, food structure and the food bolus throughout the chemical and physical processes of the gastrointestinal tract, in relation to nutrient absorption and post-prandial metabolic response. He has unique multidisciplinary experience in this area having held research positions within industry, and the Microstructure Engineering Research Group, University of Birmingham (UK).

Through his in vivo interests in gastrointestinal function, and particularly gastric behavior, he is collaborating with researchers at the Hamlyn Centre, Imperial College London in the development of optical spectroscopy as a tool for minimally- or non-invasive assessment of gastrointestinal function. With a strong emphasis on the devices clinical translation into gastroenterological practice for point-of-care testing and diagnosis.

Dr Lett also has specific expertise in the design, conduct, and analysis of randomised clinical trials and evidence synthesis research (i.e. Systematic reviews and meta-analysis) with a focus in nutrition, health and disease.