Provisional schedule

Day 1
Registration and Welcome  
09.00‑09.10 Introduction to the Course  
09.10‑09.50 Nomenclature and mechanisms of the food hypersensitivity spectrum  
09.50‑10.20 Food triggers - Milk, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, soy  
10.20‑10.35 Break  
10.35‑11.30 Food triggers - seafood, fruit and veg, wheat, co-factors, hidden allergens  
11.30‑12.20 Is food allergy on the increase?  
12.20‑13.20 Lunch break*
13.20‑13.50 Diagnosis - it starts with the history (role play)  
13.50‑14.50 Advanced diagnostics with case based discussion  
14.50‑15.20 Diagnosing and managing food Intolerance – what are the options?  
15.20‑15.35 Break  
15.35‑16.45 Oral food challenge or reintroduction?  
16.45‑17.00 Assignment Briefing and concluding remarks – Day 1  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
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Day 2
Controversies in the management of children with food allergy - interactive case scenarios  
10.45‑11.30 Practical session on breast and formula feeding in children with food allergy and discussion on plant based milks - which milk for which infant?  
11.30‑11.45 Break  
11.45‑12.35 Controversies in the management of adults with food allergy - interactive case scenarios  
12.35‑13.05 Do adults need a dietary management plan? Q&A case based scenarios  
13.05‑13.35 Public health issues and food allergy  
13.35‑14.35 Lunch break*  
14.35‑15.20 The gut microbiome and pre/pro-biotics  
15.20‑16.05 Prevent allergy – pearls and pitfalls of prevention guidelines  
16.05‑16.15 Break  
16.15‑17.00 Food immunotherapy - is it effective?  
17.00‑17.45 Challenging cases in food allergy diagnosis and management  
17.45‑18.00 Concluding remarks and Close  
  Please note that lunch is not provided.  
Introduction to Mining for Bankers

Oral Food Challenge or Reintroduction?