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Day 1

  • Safety and Security Briefing Seminar Room EAS building
  • Background (ionising radiation, types, decay...)
  • Interaction of Radiation with Matter
  • Radiation Detectors and their Types
  • Basic Electronic Instruments and Signal Processing
  • Signal Processing and Statistics of Countings

Day 2

  • Radiation Protection and Health Physics
  • Gamma Ray Attenuation
  • Gamma Ray Spectrometry


Day 3

  • Reactor Neutron Flux Profile
  • Radiological Waste  Characterisation
  • Measurement of Tritium in Water
  • Wrapping up the 3 days course and  granting Certificate of Attendance

Day 4

  • Emergency Arrangements and Planning 
  • Introduction to hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
  • Approach to Critical, Reactor Control and Measurement of Reactivity by Computer Simulation Technique
  • Boron Trifluoride (BF3) Counter Set-up Neutron Diffusion Length in Water

Day 5

  • Neutron Activation Analysis
  • Deuteron Binding Energy 
  • Measurement of Tc-99 in Aqueous Samples
  • Gross Alpha and Beta in Air Filters and Water
  • Wrapping up the 5 days course and  granting Certificate of Attendance