• Prof. Dr.  Martin Plenio.  Ulm University, Germany / Imperial College London

Open Quantum Systems

My interests are using mathematics to understand the quantum aspects of nature. The following is a non exhaustive list of main interests

  •  Open Quantum Systems
  •  Quantum Information Theory
  •  Thermodynamics
  •   Extensions to Lieb-Robinson bound theory: when do unbounded Hamiltonians have a finite "speed of  sound" and implications

For more information, see my webpage about Open Quantum Systems.

Papers and Preprints

  • Finite propagation speeds for bosonic chains with applications to open quantum systems. In preparation.
  • Mappings of open quantum systems onto chain representations and Markovian embeddings, M. P. Woods, R. Groux, A. W. Chin, S. F. Huelga, M. B. Plenio, arXiv 1111.5262 (2011)
  • Probability distributions for measures of placental shape and morphology, Joshua S. Gill, Mischa P. Woods, Carolyn M. Salafia, Dimitri D. Vvedensky, arXiv 1109.2057 (2011)
  • Understanding extraction and beam transport in the ISIS H Penning surface plasma ion source, Faircloth DC, Letchford AP, Gabor C, Whitehead MO, Wood T, Jolly S, Pozimski J, Savage P, Woods M, Rev Sci Instrum, Vol:79, ISSN:0034-6748(doi) (2008)